ICustomBoxes offer Wholesale Custom Eyeshadow Packaging with Printing

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ICustomBoxes offer Wholesale Custom Eyeshadow Packaging with Printing

Eyeshadows are one of the most important cosmetic items used by women of all ages. Their packaging has great importance in the makeup market. Stunning packaging brings extra glamour to the product. Make your boxes attractive with the help of our professionals. You can customize your eyeshadow boxes with such beautiful colors that can help you to convince your customers to buy them.

Printing can make your product impressive and professional by adding product details on the boxes. It will also help you to earn the trust of the customers. To make your eyeshadow boxes different from others, you can print your brand name and logo on them so that people can easily recognize your brand from distance. Our designers are experts to choose the best and sensible colors for your packaging that match your brand theme. We use CMYK and PMS color schemes for perfect color combinations according to our client’s desires.

Get Any Size or Shape for Your Custom Eyeshadow Packaging

You can present your eyeshadows in stunning and innovative eyeshadow boxes. The size of the packaging boxes matters a lot. It should be proper enough to hold the product easily. The boxes size should be according to the dimension of the product. The other thing that makes the packaging attractive is the style of the box. For your eyeshadow packaging, you can customize any style of the box like:

• Top tuck and reverse tuck,

• Gable boxes


• Two doors,

• Full flap auto bottom,

1 2 3 auto bottoms, and many more.

To make it appealing, you can add some amazing features to it like, a window die-cut. It makes the packaging more attractive. Customers can see the product through the packaging, and you can also add a PVC sheet to it to make it secure from dust and other harmful environmental factors.

We offer Custom Eyeshadow Packaging with Unique Style

Embellish your Game Boxes by adding some cool features to them. The aim of the packaging is not just the protection of the product but also to attract the customers to enhance your sale. You can add some miniatures or pictures to make it attractive. Along with this, you can also have the facility of embossing, debossing, raised ink, silver, and gold foiling.

game boxes

Embossing is the best technique to advertise your brand and to make your brand name and logo prominent. Besides all these, there are some other features that you can add for alluring packaging

• Attractive typography

• Dig tail printing


Letter marks

• Lamination

You can get an eyeshadow subscription box with these features. Select color, size, or any other feature that you want and make these boxes tempting.

Get Custom Eyeshadow Packaging with High-Quality Offset Printing

Get Custom Eyeshadow Packaging boxes with advanced printing technologies. Here, at ICB you can avail of the services of our experts and give a cheerful color to your packaging. We are offering 2D, 3D, and digital printing facilities.

Besides these there you can also avail of the services of:

• Offset printing

• Screen printing

Digital printing

You can add a picture and your brand logo by using your desired printing technique. For this purpose, we are offering premium quality material that can be used for all kinds of printing. These materials are durable, reliable, and sturdy enough to protect the product. Cardboard, corrugated, and Kraft paper are the best packaging material that can be recycled after use. These are not just used for protecting your precious product but also safe for the community as these are nature friendly.

we offer The Custom Coating on All Eyeshadow Boxes Wholesale

If you want to customize your Eyeshadow Boxes in bulk, then ICB is the best and trustworthy place, where you can get your desire Eyeshadow Boxes Wholesale at affordable rates. We also offer Coating on all your Presentation Boxes. You can get a free mock sample for your satisfaction. We care about your precious time so call us to buy bulk. You will receive your order in time. You can customize your boxes with all the features mentioned above. Here, you can get the best prices that no other one is providing in the market.

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