What is the network unlock code for Metro PCS?

Metro PCS

If you want to use your Metro PCS phone on another carrier’s network, you will need to request an unlock code from Metro PCS and input it into your phone. An unlocked phone works with all carriers, rather than just the one that you bought it from originally. If you have an old Metro PCS phone that you would like to sell, unlocking it can increase its value by making it more widely usable. But even if you don’t plan on selling your phone and are simply switching carriers, unlocking your phone can be much easier than doing so with a newer model.

Why Are Phone Networks Locked?

Phone networks are locked because they want to get as much out of their investment in wireless coverage as possible. This means when you buy a phone from that provider, even if it’s not a top-of-the-line model. You’re locked into their network until your contract expires or until you pay an exorbitant fee to upgrade. Some people feel this exclusivity benefits them and keeps them from switching networks to a more affordable one; others feel trapped. 

Here are two suggestions on how to cope with this issue:

  • Keep tabs on your data usage so you can switch it off when necessary: Check with your provider about what it considers fair use.
  • Put your device into airplane mode. This cuts off your access to data but still allows you to make and receive calls and texts. As a result, there won’t be any additional fees when you switch off while at home or out of range of a provider’s tower. You’ll still be able to access 911 in an emergency, but if you’re traveling internationally, disable calling features.

The Network Unlock Code

If you have paid your Metro PCS bill in full and are not under contract, they may provide the Network Unlock Code when requested by email. 

To request this from them, follow these steps: 

  • Provide a detailed message to identify which specific number or phone needs to be unlocked. 
  • Please provide information about how the device was bought (e.g., directly from us, through an authorized retailer). If bought from an unauthorized retailer, it will void any obligation we may have to provide a Network Unlock Code. 
  • Include proof of purchase.

How to Get a Network Unlock Code

Since MetroPCS only offers CDMA services, you cannot use other carriers’ SIM cards to activate your phone. It would help if you had an unlocked handset to unblock a phone and have it work with other networks. The only way to get an unlocked handset from MetroPCS is by requesting a Network Unlock Code from them.

To do this, fill out their online form and wait around 72 hours before checking back on the status of your request. You should receive an email once your request has been completed. This unlocks your phone and allows you to take any SIM card from any carrier when traveling overseas so that you are not paying roaming charges.

How Do I Enter My Metro PCS Phone’s NUC Code into iTunes or Windows Mobile Device Manager?

First, there are many differences between carriers, so I don’t know if this applies to all of them. With Verizon and Sprint, you call customer service, and they will tell you the NCK Code. If your phone was not purchased from your carrier (in-store or online). Getting in touch with anyone about the NUC Code is much more difficult.

T-Mobile has a process on its website where you can enter information like your IMEI number.  What kind of phone it is, etc., and they’ll spit out the NUC Code. AT&T also has a webpage where you can type in some information, like what kind of phone it is and how much time has elapsed since it was last used on an AT&T account. They’ll provide instructions on removing any SIM card before entering these codes into iTunes or Windows Mobile Device Manager.

Which Phones Are Eligible for Unlocking on MetroPCS?

MetroPCS states in their unlocking policy that devices are not eligible for unlocking if it exceeds the maximum number of permitted unlocks. A maximum of 10 device unlocks are allowed per account per lifetime. It’s imperative to make sure you’re careful about how many times you unlock your phone.

You can use a different carrier’s SIM card if you travel abroad or would like to switch carriers without purchasing a new phone. It’s important to note that if you have a phone from one of MetroPCS’s competitors, such as Verizon or AT&T, you won’t be able to unlock it because those carriers require all phones on their networks to be locked. If you leave either carrier’s service, they retain control over your old device and its SIM card slot.

What is the network unlock PIN?

It looks like you’ve never performed a Network Unlock for your device. Let’s take care of that! Here’s what you need to do:

-Check out our unlocking instructions by clicking on Unlock Now from our homepage. Select your phone from the dropdown list and follow the instructions. When prompted, enter your serial number correctly, and don’t forget to log in first.

-After completing these steps, please wait 30 minutes before following any other prompts. If it doesn’t say it has been successfully unlocked, go back and make sure all the information was entered correctly.

Can I network unlock MetroPCS phone?

You can’t network unlock a metro phone because they are locked to use only with the metropcs’ service. You would need to contact metro to get an unlocking code or trade in your phone, and then they would be able to provide you with one.

It’s also worth noting that not all phones are compatible with every carrier, and some will not even work on a specific frequency. That being said, before you purchase a new phone, it would be wise to research what networks operate where you live and make sure it has compatibility in place. Here you will learn about the iCloud unlock bypass.

Final Words

I unlocked my Samsung Galaxy S6 and have successfully switched over to MetroPCS. I did this through service, an app, and my phone. Without needing any programming experience or having to reset my phone. I used MobileUnlockService (MUS) app, and it was really easy to use.  It’s been a lifesaver in helping me stay on budget. My Galaxy S6 has been working well with this company so far!

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