What is ATX?

server system board assembly

server system board assembly

The Advanced Technology Extended, or ATX form-factor is specific specifications for motherboard assembly and power supply which, when was introduced in 1995, was built on earlier designs to create a more cohesive and reliable standard for the market.

It’s the most used size of server system board assembly in the present and serves as the base for all modern computers, regardless of whether gaming computers or office machines.

A typical ATX motherboard

  • Four RAM slots
  • Three or two PCIExpress x16 slots
  • A few PCIe x4 and one slot
  • A small selection of SATA or USB connections (for both external and internal storage)
  • Space for at minimum one M.2 SSD
  • Front panel audio and power connectors and

What are the advantages of the benefits of ATX PC?

With a larger surface area for the motherboard to use, ATX PCs almost always offer a larger selection of components to pick from. They typically offer a wider selection of storage drives as well as add-in cards.

While many graphics cards are worthwhile for the most expensive of configurations, An ATX board might be the right size you’re looking for if it’s something you’re looking into It gives you the space you’ll require.

Because they are the most sought-after PC form-factor, ATX motherboards also receive more support from the manufacturers. This means that Chillblast is able to offer a larger selection in ATX motherboards. 

The variety of options remains dependent on the platform of your preference, but.

The latest AMD X570 motherboards aren’t as plentiful or diverse as other.

What are the negatives associated with ATX PC?

There is no perfect PC and, even while an ATX PC offers a variety of benefits , making it a fantastic option for people who are building a new computer to play or work on There are some drawbacks to take into consideration.

The full-size ATX cases are more spacious than the M-ATX versions.The larger motherboards offer many more features and options for components in comparison to other board sizes but if you’re not making the most of them, it could result in a lot of wasted board space.

If you are looking for a PC which is clean, neat and optimized it is possible to achieve it with smaller computers. This doesn’t mean that an ATX PC won’t be neat and clean, and Chillblast’s entire range of systems benefit from our expertly managed cables as regular. However, ATX cases be a bit more spacious space than their smaller counterparts, and based on your preferences, might not be the thing you’re looking for.


What is M-ATX?

M-ATX is the smaller counterpart to ATX and reduces its size by 25 percent to a size that is typically 244 by 244 mm. It can support the identical graphics and processors as ATX motherboards and also four RAM slots, however it typically , it is able to cut back on the extra features to conserve space.

Most M-ATX motherboards will come with only 2 PCIExpress x16 slots The second slot is located near the edge that runs down the board. This makes it challenging to accommodate two graphics cards in the majority of cases that were designed specifically for M-ATX boards.

In the past, M-ATX motherboards had more connectors onboard as compared to ATX boards, which made it unnecessary to add accessories for more features. However, by 2020, both ATX and M-ATX boards have the same set of features. It’s in the variety of connections that M-ATX’s capabilities are more limited in its capabilities.

M-ATX motherboards are backwards compatible, which means that they can be fitted into any case that accepts the ATX motherboard.

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