What is a Brocade Transceiver Module

Brocade Transceiver Module

FirstlyBrocade Transceiver Module

Brocade is one of the Broadcom Inc. company, provides a distinct collection of reliable high-performance and affordable optical transceivers that can help businesses overcome the challenges of a variety of topologies of networks.

To ensure top performance, brocaded transceiver module out and evaluates the top-performing optical transceivers in the market and guarantees the availability of, their capacity as well as performance in Brocade products.

Brocade optical transceivers provide an extensive variety of Fiber Channel and Ethernet connectivity that are guaranteed to work with brocade 8gb sfp and switches, fully compliant with industry standards and life-long support.

They also meet the widest range of speed, form factor and distance specifications.

The data centers of today are going through a transformation of their infrastructure which requires higher speeds, higher scalability and greater levels of reliability and performance to meet the requirements of the business.

As the demands for speed and performance rise, optical transceivers, originally thought to be a common part that were a part of Fiber Channel switching technologies -are now an integral element of general system designs.

This is the Brocade Family of Optical Transceivers Brocade provides a wide range of optical transceivers that are reliable and provide high-quality, highly compatible connectivity to Brocade director and switch products.


Certified Quality and Compliance

  • All Brocade transceivers go through rigorous testing for certification and qualification that result in an end-to end solution that is simpler to maintain, thereby increasing the reliability of data center fabric that supports critical applications.


  • A lot of transceivers that advertise standards compliance are not compatible.And they will not be compatible in conjunction with Brocade products. Error-Free Performance
  • We ensure that the transceiver will function without error. Brocade transceivers are rigorously tested to make sure they function properly in conjunction with Brocade products.

Maximum Performance

  • Through rigorous tests, Brocade transceivers are optimized to increase performance. Decrease energy consumption and ensure the maximum performance of critical applications.

Brocade Global Support

  • Maximize your software and hardware investments.
  • Make the most of new technology deployments and improve efficiency of the SAN.
  • Utilize Brocade expertise to assist your company in building the most reliable and productive SAN infrastructure.

Storage Area Network (SAN) Transceiver Features

  • Firstly Digital Optical Monitoring determines whether the device is operational or marginal or is failing
  • Clear Link Diagnostics identifies the root of the physical link problems
  • Brocade transceivers offer a wide choice of distance and speed choices

Ethernet Switch Transceiver Features

  • Firstly Digital Optical Monitoring determines whether the unit is functional or marginal
  • Brocade transceivers offer a wide selection of distance and speed choices

Optical Transceivers

Broadcom’s Optical Transceivers are devices that allow the installation and removal of fiber optic connectors, which is ideal for applications that require the flexibility of a user handling the types of cables as well as link distances. 

Applications that can benefit from them comprise LAN Ethernet SAN Fibre Channel, CPRI Mobile Front haul. SONET/OTN Telecommunications InfiniBand as well as Proprietary Interconnect networks.

What is an optical transceiver?

 Therefore  Optical transceivers are available in various sizes and shapes, known as forms factors. An Optical transceiver module is the primary component of optical communications devices.

What are transceiver module?

Optic transceiver (transmitter as well as receiver) modules transform data signals into and from laser optical light. They plug into switches, routers, or fiber hosts bus adapters (HBA). They allow the transfer of information between transceivers via optical or fiber cables.

SFP Fiber Modules also known as small-form-factor fiber modules that plug into a form factor are small and hot-pluggable transceivers that are used to transmit data. Manufacturers include Cambium, Maxxwave, and MikroTik.

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