Top 5 ecommerce operations ERP in the market

ecommerce operations ERP software

Complex businesses need smart management, specifically eCommerce businesses, whether big or small.

The rapid growth of e-commerce businesses brings in new challenges one of which is to manage business data and keep an eye on revenue generated. Retail product management software such as ecommerce operations ERP software is particularly designed to meet the requirements of small and large-scale e-commerce businesses.

Enterprise Resource Planning abbreviated as ERP serves as a reliable system that boosts the efficiency of the business by saving time and producing detailed data reports via connecting various departments within a single e-commerce business. It comprises data exploring CRM (Customer Relationship Management), accounts, order tracking, invoicing, supply chain management, raw material obtainability, etc. ERP is the solution to best inventory management.

How E-commerce ERP benefits Ecommerce Businesses

Benefits of ecommerce ERP

Merchants using eCommerce ERP software are at advantage because of the subsequent reasons mentioned as follows:

Automatic Data update

The online business can be benefited from its automatic data updating feature. Merchants can bolt real-time data information such as customers’ contact details which could be used while marketing campaigns.

Increase accuracy

Automated data entry omits human errors, as they may occur due to manual input.

Saves time

Despite engaging employees in data entry stuff, they could be assigned more productive tasks which saves time and is good for business welfare.

Easy order tracking

It amplifies customer satisfaction as they can track order status effortlessly.

Order journey

Whether the product delivery is pending, ready to dispatch, or returned, merchants can monitor easily.

Top 5 eCommerce operations ERP in the market

To brush away the confusion here we gathered useful information on the top 5 e-commerce operations ERP in the market. It appraises the beneficial features that can boost the efficiency of e-commerce businesses.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

It empowers the digitalization of e-commerce business operations with a wide range of applications to manage data records. Whether big or small, online businesses of all sorts are facilitated by Microsoft Dynamics 365. Every minor data maybe it is related to sales, customer service, marketing, human resource, etc. is managed aptly utilizing this retail product management software. Its exceptional features make it both the best CRM and e-commerce ERP software solution. Features it embraces:

  • Automation of email
  • Provide a chat facility with customers so they can discuss their queries.
  • Customer service management
  • Data record of invoices
  • Module for running marketing campaign through email
  • Quotes
  • Let the merchants view the interaction history
  • Order management
  • Permit AI-compelled intelligent commerce
  • Allows segmentation and filtration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you an entire solution to structure the most productive way of handling e-commerce business. It offers a 30-day free trial for which you must have an email address linked to a Microsoft business account.

Ginkgo Retail

For the complete e-commerce market solution, you can get the assistance of Ginkgo Retail. It offers a wide range of functions permitting merchants to generate in-depth statistical data reports as well. It is deliberated as the most intricate but user-friendly e-commerce ERP solution because of its rich functionality. Loaded with magnificent features like:

  • It is cloud-based
  • Modify as per the business needs
  • Can be integrated with other ERPs
  • Provide an efficient notification system to give updates on daily operations.
  • Multiple sales can be handled from a single dashboard
  • No human errors in data entry
  • Offers a well-organized order, inventory, and product management.
  • BI reporting

Ginkgo Retail guarantees the on-time delivery of the product to boost customer satisfaction and keep up the name of the brand. You can request a demo from its website to experience its benefits practically.

Blue link

Ideal for businesses that need retail product management software and also for wholesale traders. Its ability to integrate with renowned platforms like eBay, Magneto, Amazon, and Shopify highlight its appellation in the e-commerce market. Prominent features include:

  • Provides an all-in-one solution by integrating inventory management features with other useful features.
  • Broadly analyze sales data generating minute details about product availability, delivery, and returns. These valuable sales analysis helps to take effective decisions for your online business.
  • Blue Link manages the warehouse shipping records so to accelerate the workflows.


Epicor offers innovative ecommerce operations ERP software solutions. Its 45 years of service in the business arena makes it a leading software solution in the e-commerce market. So for all the entrepreneurs running online businesses, Epicor is a delight for the impeccable organization of the company’s data. Improve your business performance, make huge profits, and make every task simple and quick with the commendable features it offers.

  • Details over orders placed by customers
  • Help to manage logistics, graphics, database, and project operations.
  • Makes human resource management tasks easy.
  • Keep real-time records of invoices.
  • Generate and manage statistical data over sales.
  • Provide facility of chat, mail, phone, etc.
  • Online tutorials on using the software in the best way.
  • Best inventory management

Sage 300

Sage is in the field for 40 years with 250,000 merchants getting benefits from its services. Now it sustained a leading position as a retail product management software for e-commerce businesses. This ERP software is intended to serve medium to small online businesses by providing exclusive features that help to grow.

Managing the company operations, accounts data, and other processes is quite feasible through the following pragmatic features:

  • Integrates with SEO tools
  • Produce real-time data reports
  • Track sales order status from dispatching to successful delivery.
  • Provides online and offline data integration.
  • Site configuration
  • Help to calculate tax
  • Stock data could be recorded through its best inventory management
  • It ensures data security.

Sage 300 is easy to comprehend, guidelines are provided to configure and use this software. However, merchants appreciate the clarity of the menu bar and easy access to various actions.


Cin7 provides lots of integrations and advanced features. It is an affordable inventory management software for e-commerce businesses of all kinds and sizes. Shopify users can get it for free and others can avail of a 15-day free trial facility. It’s the best solution to attain instant real-time inventory updates. This feature-rich inventory management software includes:

  • Unlimited SKUs (stock-keeping units)
  • Compatible with almost all major browsers especially Chrome and Firefox.
  • Supports FIFO method (first in, first out)
  • Uses the Kanban method to reorder or refill stock
  • Composite and bundling support
  • Purchase orders (PO) are automated
  • Give alerts regarding low-stock or out-of-stock products
  • It makes easy stock transfer between various warehouses
  • Barcode scanning is available
  • It allows either no or partial dropshipping
  • More than 10 tools for e-commerce automation
  • It helps to organize data such as expiry dates, serial and lot numbers
  • Update product status like add or delete products
  • Generate a report on the cost of goods sold (COGS)
  • Integrates with Etsy, QuickBooks, WooCommerce, Amazon, and FedEx.

Provides customer service through email and via chat it is available 20 hours a day and five days a week. Moreover provides merchants with e-books ad tutorial videos on the easy handling of the software.


Inflow provides data reports of multiple inventory units on a single platform. It also collects facts and figures from B2B showrooms where customers can physically view and purchase the products. Merchants can get a 14-day free trial from its website to understand the efficient functionality of this inventory management software. It’s a potent inventory management software to be used by B2B wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, and e-commerce businesses. Features that make it an incredible solution are:

  • BI reporting
  • Showrooms can be secured with a password
  • Cloud-based i.e. inFlow Cloud
  • Computer-based i.e. inFlow Premise
  • Inbuilt app for iOS and Android devices
  • Supports FIFO and LIFO methods
  • Produce a detailed report of orders
  • Assembly processing, bundling, work order, and kitting
  • Backorder facility available
  • Ability to generate and scan barcodes
  • An effective email system to send receipts and invoices
  • Record order history and customers’ contact information
  • Can integrate with Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce, QuickBooks, and Squarespace.

inFlow is easy to grasp and handle, if an issue arises contact the service provider through live chat or email your query.


It’s a multi-purpose business solution that caters to inventory management, marketing, and accounting as well. NetSuite meets the requirements of big to small e-commerce businesses. Being a cloud-based inventory management software it gathers all the useful data of your business and displays it in statistical form over a single dashboard. Features it encompasses are:

  • Multiple language options let merchants work in their preferred language
  • Integrated BI (business intelligence) tools
  • Global support
  • More than 350 integrations
  • Forecasting
  • Retail inventory management
  • Gather data from multiple warehouses of a company to a single platform
  • POS integration
  • A feature to deal in multiple currencies is available.
  • Order management
  • Gives the option for drop shipping
  • Highly responsive
  • Tax calculation
  • Provide production credentials
  • Supply chain management
  • Produce data over revenue generated

Extract of Discussion

Data management is an essential factor for the progress of e-commerce business as it is not limited to a certain place. It touches customers on national or international levels so tackling such huge data manually is not an easy task. Therefore, incorporate e-commerce ERP software into your business for the most efficient data organization. Improve customer service, and gain customer constancy as data evaluation is under just one click.

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