The Most Popular Construction Bids and Why they are Popular

There is a huge amount of construction projects in the world right now, the demand is constantly increasing with new projects getting introduced every day. These projects are diverse and can include anything from a simple in-house renovation to the construction of huge projects and buildings. In the construction industry, you will never run out of options when it comes to choosing a project. There’s always a new one around the corner that you can pick. You will always find clients looking to hire contractors and subcontractors for their projects and since there is such a shortage of labor there is always room for more. But because there are so many options the clients are likely to choose someone whose methods, they are familiar with.

If you want a client to choose your firm for the job. You need to have a delivery method and procedure that they can easily familiarize themselves with.

As a construction project manager, your delivery method is what will dictate. how you manage the project overall and what your management style is. The proper delivery method will not only have important details highlighted that include the roles and responsibilities of everyone at the site. But will also have other details like the breakdown of the whole work procedure and the payment method in detail.

Similarly, the delivery method that you use for the project will also set the scope for the project. And explain in detail how you strategize and plan to execute the project for the contractors.

The Traditional Delivery Method

In the construction industry, there are a few different delivery methods that are in use. All of them have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Following is the delivery method that is most common in the construction industry:


The DBB aka the design bid build is one of the most commonly used delivery methods in construction. Since it is the oldest traditional way, most clients go for this method even to this day. Instead of doing everything all at once from looking for Construction Equipment for Sale to assembling the design and construction team. You can have different phases in which you can deal with each step on its own.

If you are going to be working and helping section industry it is important that your client. The design team as well as the construction team know about the design bid build method. So that they’re able to understand what their duties would involve.

The idea behind this project method is to put the design team and the construction team separately, This way there are two different contracts in place.

There are three different phases of this delivery method starting with the design phase.


If the Client shows interest, he will have the freedom to select a designer. And work with him on the basis of an owner to designer contract. Once the client chooses the design team everyone who works in that team. Whether it’s an architect or an engineer who would work directly with the clients. And report to them about the progress of the project.

The design team should be capable of understanding and making sure that it is transformed. Into a set of blueprints that you can use to build on in the future. During the design phase, you need to have the plan ready with all the specifications. And final results were evaluated and mentioned clearly. It is after the completion of all these steps that the client will be able to move on to the second phase.


After the design phase is complete it’s time to start the second phase aka bidding. The second phase which is the bidding phase requires that the design team forwards an invite of bids to several contractors as well as a set of plans including the complete details. After other proposals are made, they are thoroughly reviewed. The evaluation includes a lot of different steps and complicated procedures. After negotiations, there is a selection for the contractor, with whom the client will be able to contact directly. And will form an owner-to-contractor relationship. Once the selection of the contractor is done, you’re able to finally proceed to the final step of the method.


In the final step of the process which is the building phase, the contractor who was able to win the contract begins with the construction of the project. Construction procedure that is followed is the one that is set during the bidding phase. All the scope, prices, and duration specified during that time are the ones being considered.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The design bid build method has its own disadvantages as well as advantages just like every other delivery method out there. Following are a few things that you need to consider when you are choosing this particular delivery method.

  • Disadvantages of choosing this method include the cost after bidding going up Leading to overbudgeting in the future.

Other factors include the longer time duration the 3 phases need or the fact that any changes added later on are not considered. The contractor will not be able to provide an insight as far as the design is concerned. And Miscommunication is not uncommon in this delivery method.

Of course, there are also certain advantages that you can get if you use this delivery method. For one this method is able to create a competitive spirit between the contractors. This delivery method is one that ensures that everybody knows what they should be doing. There is no confusion as far as the roles of each individual on-site.

  • Since the planning is done separately the timelines of both the design. And construction phases are totally different and there is no overlap of any sort between them. This allows for there to be more control when it comes to the whole procedure during the three phases. This delivery method is also preferable because of the low price that it insures on certain specifications.

There are other delivery methods that are in use in the industry. Such as the design-build or the CMAR, aka the construction management at-risk method. Despite all these different delivery methods in the industry. the design bid build method is the one that most people go for. But it’s still important to do your research before making that decision.

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