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Launch a Custom Gojek App with bona fide and top-notch white-labelling firms like On Demand App Development Company in no time and watch the magic of this money-making Genie unfold before your eyes. App like Gojek have given a sense of systematic rhythm and soulful purpose to the entire on-demand service industry by providing 70 plus services online through one single platform.

How to become a fat-cat? How will this App help you become filthy rich?

I’m talking to you! Yes, you! Even you can swim in money once you invest in App like Gojek because its business model has been designed to rake in money even when the App Owner is away meditating at the great Himalayan heights.

I’m curious too to share these lucrative and highly-effective business models with you!

  1. Earn Commission on every order, every service rendered through the app


Service Providers pay commission to the  App Owner for every single order delivered and service rendered through this On-Demand Multi Services Gojek clone App. This commission is a certain specific percentage of the total bill paid by the User. And it is you, the owner of the future unicorn, who gets to decide the commission rates.

  • 5 % Commission rate for any and every payment-less service rendered by the Delivery Runners

Kylie will be walking down the aisle tomorrow to marry her high-school sweetheart Richard Baker but today her girlfriends are throwing her an extravagant bachelorette party at her apartment in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Her sister Nora has already called in a DJ using this All-in-One-Services Gojek clone App but this party can’t start without the Swarovski crystals embedded Masquerade Eye Mask for the Bride-to-be and the three tiered 10 inch cake.

Kylie is losing her calm! Where is her Swarovski Masquerade Eye Mask? 

Savannah recalls that she might have left it at her apartment’s kitchen counter in a rush to come over to Kylie’s place. Savannah lives right next to the Landis Valley Museum which is at least 15 miles away. But she can’t leave now!

Delivery Runner is here at your service, Ma’am!

Savannah appoints a Delivery Runner and instructs him to go to her apartment and collect the Swarovski embedded Masquerade. She tells the Delivery Runner Logan to go to 910, Grandview Apartments in New Holland Avenue and ring the doorbell. Her roommate will open the door and hand him over the Eye Mask.

In less than 40 minutes Logan has completed the delivery!

Savannah pays him $72.6 through the in-app wallet for this delivery. She then gets a detailed invoice with price-break ups.

Base Fare: $6 (As set by the App Owner)

Fare/ mile: $ 1

Fare/ minute: $1

Total miles covered: 30

Total time taken: 30 minutes

10% Tax of the total bill

Therefore, the total bill is = Base Fare + Fare/Mile + Fare/Minute + Tax

= $6 + $30 ($1×30 Miles) + $30 ($1x 30 minutes)

+ $6.6 (10 % of the Total Bill minus Tax)

= $72.6 

Delivery Runner owes 5 % of $72.6 to the App Owner = $3.63

  • 7 % Commission rate for deliveries involving payment

Kylie wants to cut the cake? But where is the cake? La Dolce Vita Courthouse Bakery cancels the order right at the last minute because of some quality issues. Savannah again appoints a Delivery Runner through Gojek Clone App and instructs him to buy a three-tiered 10 inch White Velvet with Almonds Cake from House of Clarendon Bakery. Delivery Runner Camila pays $416 from her own pocket for the cake.

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She picks up the Cake and drops at the destination in less than 15 minutes.


Savannah pays $491.7 to the Delivery Runner Camila. Here is the price break-up.

Base Fare: $10 (As set by the App Owner)

Fare/ mile: $ 1

Fare/ minute: $1

Total miles covered: 6

Total time taken: 15 minutes

10% Tax of the total bill

Therefore, the total bill is = Base Fare + Fare/Mile + Fare/Minute + Tax

= $10 + $6 ($1×6 Miles) + $15 ($1x 15 minutes)

+ $44.7 (10 % of the Total Bill minus Tax)

= $491.7

Delivery Runner owes 7 % of $491.7 to the App Owner = $34.419

Commission-earning can no longer enjoy monopoly in the market, a new player is in town – Subscription Plans

The App Owner has crafted an alternative to the Commission-based business model which allows Service Providers to pay one time-payment for monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or even yearly packages. After buying a one-month Subscription Plan for say $100, the Service Provider has to no longer pay commission to the App Owner for every order or service rendered. The Service Providers are free as a bird to render countless services without the obligation of paying a small cut to the Entrepreneur every time. But every Subscription Plan comes with an expiry date and after its expiry, the Service Provider can no longer accept Service requests. So they have to keep continuously renewing their Subscription Plans to stay active.


Which company provides the best Gojek Clone App? But I don’t want to be biased here. There are multiple authentic white-labelling companies in the on-demand service sector that’d provide you with fully-functional App like Gojek at affordable rates.

But kindly beware of those miniscule sections of fraudsters who have nothing but a prototype to sell you. Firms of repute engage big-time in Corporate Social Responsibilities to help lift the underprivileged up. Dig up information about their Social Activities and Events for you to make up your mind about the legitimacy of the company.

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