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Specialized Trucking

Specialized Trucking – In it to the finish. The company now has seven locations in Woodland, Texas; Frisco, Texas; Houston, Texas; and Dallas/southwest, Texas. AMP Specialized has also two other distribution points in Portrush, Ontario, Canada near Niagara Falls, New York, and in Kearney, Nebraska near the famous prairie grassland. Distribution includes both heavy-duty and light-duty pickup trucks, diesel trucks, and six-wheelers. The truck body is made from custom specialized trucking fabrications, and the interiors are design to include hard-wearing, tear-resistant interiors that are easily clean.

Trailers to transport

The companies main clients are the construction industry who use their trailers to transport cement, sand, gravel, crushed stone, asphalt, and topsoil. But they have other clients as well such as agricultural companies, landscaping companies, loggers, motorhome and equipment manufacturers, general haulers, and individual sellers. They also distribute other types of trailers such as school and recreational vehicles, dairy and horse feeds, construction equipment, and utility trailers.

flatbed trucking

Heavy Hauler

Heavy Hauler – A specialized trucking company, the heavy haulers usually have an on-call basis. They usually have a larger fleet of trucks and are capable of hauling heavier loads than most of the other specialty transportation companies. The largest fleets can carry up to sixteen tons. This type of specialized transportation will have tie-downs at each gate, giving the driver the assurance that the vehicle will be in place when called.

Specialized transportation providers

Other specialized transportation providers – These are companies that specialize in a certain type of transportation. They will usually have a special type of trailer or vehicle to get to their destination. Some examples are railroad crews, all utilities, and municipal road service companies. These are just some of the typical services provided by these haulers.

Specialized driving

Drivers – Specialized trucking companies will always have qualified drivers. Every driver needs to have the skills and physical endurance needed to haul a large weight around the city, country, or countryside. They are train for different types of driving to match the job they are given. Many drivers are involv in specialize driving courses to receive further training on the road. It is also important for drivers to be fit enough to withstand the rigors of hauling heavy loads and at the same time maneuvering their vehicle over uneven or difficult terrain. Good drivers must have a good sense of humor to handle emergency situations that may arise.

flatbed trucking

Specialized transportation

Trailers – These specialize transportation trailers are used mostly to haul goods or materials. There are many types of specialize trailers ranging from flatbeds to enclosed box trailers. These are the types of trailers most often use by companies to haul heavy loads. The specialized trailers will vary in both size and weight making them suitable for different loads.

Delivery drivers

Haulers – This term refers to any driver who makes deliveries or carries cargo on his truck. A truck driver can be specialize in one of two ways: delivery or heavy haul. Delivery drivers are requir to secure and deliver products to their destination while heavy haulers are require to transport products over difficult terrain and through difficult locations. Regardless of what specialized transportation route, a truck driver takes, the basic requirements of a successful trucking career still apply. Truck drivers need to be capable drivers with good judgment and a sincere desire to please their employers.

More truck drivers

For example, specialized trucking jobs are in high demand across the United States. Therefore, According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, transportation was one of the few sectors increasing employment growth between 2021. Of course, this increases overall air freight company employment because there are more truck drivers available. Truck drivers are also highly educate, highly skill, and generally have good working conditions and benefits.

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