Pros and Cons of Social Media App Likes OnlyFans & Just for Fans

Pros and Cons of Social Media App Likes OnlyFans & Just for Fans

If you are reading this blog at “Articleauto”, to know the pro and cons of Social media apps like Onlyfans and Just for Fans. We have covered all the aspects in detail. Stay tuned with us and read till last. 

Millions of people worldwide struggled to earn survival money during the pandemic, especially in the year 2020. The majority of people searched for any work that could generate monthly income to buy essential items. The news was flooding through different corners of the world on how people cope with the coronavirus aftereffects.

Most youngsters turned to the censorless pros and cons of social media app. OnlyFans initially launched in 2016 and received mainstream attention only when adult content creators began joining it during the pandemic. Lack of work attracted many artists, freelancers, to the platform to earn extra income. 

Today through this blog, we will tell you about OnlyFans pros, cons, and why you should go for the OnlyFans clone application. 

What is OnlyFans? 

Launched in 2016, OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform where content creators charge their followers or ‘fans’ to view photos or videos. The platform gives freedom to content creators. In short, you get to be your own boss. A paywall protects creators’ accounts, and one has to pay to view the content they wish to see. 

OnlyFans platform does not have many strict rules; you can post videos of any kind. You can create a video of cooking food or singing or dancing. It largely depends on the content creator what type of content they want to share with their audiences. 

The platform has been in existence since 2016; many users are now concerned about whether they should continue to post on the platform or not because of the rise in adult content. As a result of the pandemic, many people were out of work which increased the amount of adult content. 

OnlyFans was created to monetize content shared by its users. It would not be wrong to say that this works as OnlyFans pros and cons both. However, this is a significant reason why more and more people are joining the platform. The platform demands little investment, one does not need to spend any specific amount, and anyone willing to share can do as desired. 

OnlyFans is a gigantic platform that is open to every artist and offers a suitable gateway to explore different talents. How much money you can make depends on what kind of content you are sharing and how many people are into what you are posting. 

On the web, two names continue to battle which one is best. Two major platforms that allow adult content sharing are OnlyFans that is already booming, and its competitor JustForFans. Get details comparison on Just For Fans Vs OnlyFans

Who uses OnlyFans?

People perceive OnlyFans as the platform to share adult content only, but the reality is somewhat different. Some people use the subscription-based platform to earn extra cash, excluding what they do for a basic living.  For many, OnlyFans seems to be an apt platform to hustle. For others, it is sort of a ‘job.’  

The platform is much bigger than limiting to a specific content generator category. It is slowly becoming larger and covering more and more content creators. Many celebrities and actors are also trying their hand at OnlyFans, and some famous names are CardiB, Bella Thorne, DJ Khaled, Fat Joe. Since the platform lets users post content banned on Instagram and Facebook, it is more used by adult content creators.

Benefits of OnlyFans Script

The OnlyFans script can be customized according to your needs; features can be added to make your script stand out from your opponents. 

The platform is safe and secure to use as this is an only subscription platform; you can monitor everyone who follows your account. 

Moving on, let us talk about the pros and cons of social media apps. We will try to answer as many questions we can through this section; 

Pros and Cons of OnlyFans 

No Investment 

To start an OnlyFans page, you require only one thing that is- the content you will be sharing. There is no investment in OnlyFans page creation; you can save money on travel, costumes, jewelry, stage, and recording studio. The cost to start a business is higher than creating a page on OnlyFans, and one can start the OnlyFans page to earn money later to invest in a company. 

Great Platform to Earn Easy Money 

OnlyFans is a great social media platform to earn money along with near to no cost to production. The majority of people who create an account on OnlyFans think the same. Many individuals who are on OnlyFans have no day job or any other source of earning money. 

Freedom to Work from Anywhere

If you were given the option to work from home, what would you choose? The maximum number of people would opt to work from home with joy because it’s comfortable and easy. The same applies to OnlyFans; you are given the freedom to work from anywhere as a content creator. You can work from home or while you are on vacation and still get work delivered. 

Power to Control Profile Access

Sure, you can block anyone who misbehaves with you on different social media platforms but can you block someone’s IP address? Social media platforms give you the power to stop a person. That’s the maximum you can do, but with the OnlyFans script, you can block the IP address- this prevents the person you dislike from creating multiple ids and follow you again! 

Monetization features

OnlyFans offer different ways to generate income; the platform provides paid messages, live stream feed- the audience can select their option. Users can opt to post either content, or they can go live at their convenience.

Minimum to No Experience Required

You can create your OnlyFans page even if you do not have any prior experience. Even an amateur can share their content on the platform; the platform gives every user equal opportunity.    

Cons of OnlyFans


OnlyFans has users who share content that is still considered taboo in society. Many people who share adult content are badly criticized and face backlash by the public. There are many stories where people have lost their day jobs when they found about their shared content; it is tricky as you never know who might be at the end of the screen. 

Possibility of Doxing 

Doxing is a term used when someone releases your personal information on the internet without your consent. Doxing is real and can create trouble for the person targeted; OnlyFans users face doxing frequently. Lots of content creators avoid sharing personal details on the correct platform, but at the same time, they might lose their followers. 

 Competition Level is High 

Starting an OnlyFans page with no following on other social media platforms can be challenging. Users who have a sufficient number of followers get the upper hand compared to those who have no prior followers.

Lack of Extra Benefits 

Since you are your own boss when you begin the OnlyFans account, you will not receive extra benefits such as health insurance. This can be a drawback for those who have kids and need insurance to save money. 

We suggest you consider all of the above-mentioned onlyfans pros cons before you proceed further. Whether you decide to go for the opportunity or not is totally up to you; knowing the pros and cons of social media app gives you an edge and eventually helps you decide. 

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