Problems that might arise with your MacBook and how to fix them

When using a MacBook Pro, can you: 

1. Connect an external hard drive?

According to the header, you all act like this is a breeze. A data cable is all that’s required to replicate the effect. To connect the hard drive to the MacBook Pro. You need only plug the data cable into the external connector on both devices.

Guys, it’s not that easy! That’s why we’ve written this concise and comprehensive instruction on how to use an external hard drive with a MacBook Pro.

I’d like to tell you about the difficulty we had with the hard disk’s connection before we go any further.

As soon as an external hard drive is connected to a Mac running Mac OS X. The computer enters “Read Only” mode and can only read the data, which is a major drawback. Because NTFS is used to store the majority of data on the external hard drive. macOS can only access the data in read-only mode. The option to write to the hard disc is not enabled.

So, you’ll have to get yourself a third-party program if you want to be able to read and write to your hard drive. Alternatively, you could just follow the instructions down below and be done with it xD.

If your Mac isn’t detecting your external hard drive, try this.

  • Put your new hard drive into your MacBook Pro first.
  • Then, on your keyboard, hit Shift + Command + U.
  • Select Disk Utility from the Utilities menu.
  • Select the Hard Drive in the Disk Utility.
  • To delete something, click the “Erase” button (located in your Mac’s upper right corner).
  • After that, select the volume format you need.
  • You should use the macOS Extended [Journaled] format on a Mac.
  • Use Only on Personal Computers In the Format drop-down menu, choose Microsoft DOS (FAT).
  • This completes the conversion of your hard drive to FAT32 format.
  • The Delete Key may be found in the lower left-hand area of the display.
  • Just press the Delete key.
  • Finally, that’s all there is to it! The Mac can now read and write to your hard drive.
  • Your Mac can now access and modify files stored on your hard drive.

2. Dim Display issue

It is very frequent in MacBook Laptops whether it is MacBook Air MacBook Pro or MacBook Pro with Retina Display. When the screen’s LED backlight is not lit, the display becomes dim. The most common causes of this issue are –

  • There is liquid pouring out
  • In a MacBook, the inverter circuit may be found on the logic board if it goes bad.
  • A Logic Board or LVDS Cable Fire
  • Faulty LVDS Connector or Cable
  • SMC Failure (System Management Controller)
  • When the MacBook Pro’s battery is failing, an error message will appear.
  • Whichever is the cause, we can cure the Dim Display problem in the MacBook within a few hours.

3. Inadequate RAMThis issue of your Mac computer not turning up can be linked to the Ram troubles. If your Mac has a black screen and beeps three times on startup, you know what’s up. As its Solution, sadly, a broken RAM leaves you with no other alternative other than changing the logic board. Or the motherboards of the MacBook itself. Check to find solutions for your MacBook repair issues and rectify it.  In order to solve the problem of a non-booting MacBook. You will need to replace the logic board, as the RAM is soldered directly to it.

4. A Malfunctioning Operating System

A poor operating system is a leading source of the problem wherein a blinking question mark appears on starting of a MacBook Air. First, you should try booting off an operating system CD to see if it resolves the problem. Try fixing the disc using Apple’s Disk Utility. Reinstalling the OS is the next step if this doesn’t work. The hard disc should be formatted before installing a new operating system.

5. The battery is dead.

When the charger is removed from a MacBook Air, the computer automatically shuts off. If the battery in your laptop is dead. You may still use it while hooked into an AC power source. But the machine will shut down as soon as you remove the plug. You will know that the power supply of your MacBook is dead. If it starts showing symptoms like it may not recognize a charge (this, however, can also be a circuit problem). Or the laptop may not recognize the battery. Or the battery may be recognized as charged but refuse to power your PC when the AC adapter is unplugged. You’ll need to get a new battery for your MacBook Air. If you’re having problems with it shutting off when you remove the charger.

6. Problems with Temperature Detectors

The faulty thermal sensor in your MacBook Air might be the cause of its refusal to boot. If you notice that your laptop’s fans are spinning rapidly yet the system still won’t boot, this is likely the problem. Clearly, there is an issue with the Thermal Sensor here. Your MacBook Air will need a new motherboard or logic board to resolve the issue. Since the MacBook Air’s circuitry board has temperature sensing components.

7. Adapter for Electrical Power Is Faulty, Problem

If your MacBook is having trouble starting, the power adapter might be at fault. If the power adapter is faulty, the gadget won’t charge. The battery will die, and the machine will shut down in the middle of its job. The MacBook Air has a unique adapter that has an angled plug. Here, a fully charged battery is necessary for identifying the faulty power adapter. It would be difficult to diagnose the adapter if the battery’s charge was too low. Borrow a completely functional battery or power adapter and try it in your MacBook Air to determine whether the power adapter is the problem. If the problem persists after that, the logic board or motherboard in your MacBook Air is likely at fault. And you’ll need to replace it.


You shouldn’t give your MacBook to a repair shop unless you know how much it will cost before you hand it over. The repair procedure often doesn’t start until after you’ve been informed of the damage and the whole cost by a respected center. A detailed estimate of the final price must be provided upon request.

At long last, this tutorial on attaching an external hard drive to a MacBook Pro is complete. I really hope this information was helpful to you.

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