N99 Masks: What Should You Consider Before Buying?

N99 anti-pollution mask

Face masks have become an essential commodity ever since the spread of coronavirus.

After the deadly virus started spreading all around the world at a rapid rate. Masks became the essential and immediate measures of protection against the virus.

On the other hand, living in densely populated cities also came with first-hand exposure to high levels of pollution.

There are many types of masks available in the market.  That provides protection from different kinds of harmful particles present in the air.

N99 Masks Consider Before Buying?

One of the many masks that are available today is the N99 mask. Not only is the N99 anti-pollution mask the most effective, but it also makes for one of the most stylish face masks available in the market.

The “N” in the N99 anti-pollution mask stands for the non-resistant quality of the mask, meaning the mask is non-resistant to certain particles present in the air.

The N99 mask is a variant of the many masks that are available in the market.  That provides 99 percent resistance from harmful airborne particles.

Not only does the N99 mask provide protection from coronavirus but it also provides protection from pollutants present in the air making it the best mask available in the market in terms of utility.

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However, there are a few things you need to consider before you buy an N99 mask:
  • THE FILTERS PRESENT IN THE MASK: The effectiveness of N99 masks against airborne particulate matter depends on the kind of filter that is used in the mask. When buying an N99 mask, you need to consider the number, type, and quality of the filters present in the mask. As the filter used in the mask is the most essential part of the mask.  It determines the longevity of the masks.


  • THE PRESENCE OF MICRO-VENTILATORS IN THE MASK: Although N99 masks are extremely effective and have a high utility value, the predominant problems such as talking and breathing through any mask can be difficult however, the presence of breathing valves or micro ventilators can make it much easier for you to breathe or talk while wearing the mask.


  • THE SIZE OF THE MASK: The effectiveness of the mask is determined by the proper covering of areas that it provides. The size of the mask plays an important role. When it comes to the amount of area it covers on your face. An N99 mask should cover your mouth, chin, and nose without any gaps. Else the entire purpose of wearing the mask will be lost.


  • THE REUSABILITY OF THE MASK: When a mask is reusable, it is not only pocket-friendly but it is also environment-friendly. N99 masks can be quite expensive when compared to other masks available in the market. But the convenience of reusing the masks is very high since they are washable.

N99 masks are perfect for people who are exposed to areas. With a high level of air pollution and a high level of infection. On the other hand, N99 mask manufacturers are making masks with designs printed on them.

If you looked on the internet closely, finding a stylish face mask such as the N99 becomes an extremely easy task.


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