Make your own incredible gift boxes using unique printing techniques.

Custom Gift Boxes

Who doesn’t like presents? But it is hard to find the perfect present for people who have everything. Luckily, you can make a DIY gift boxes. You can use any type of paper and decoration. It will be really easy and you can do it at home.

In fact, there are many different ways to make the custom tincture packaging, and the final projects will be unique to you. Just pick a technique that fits your budget and taste. Consumers can use paper and a little bit of glue. Fold and roll up the paper, and fold it so that it fits snugly into the box formed by another piece of paper. The folded edges have glue on it together to form a secure seal around the contents inside.

Experiment with different shapes for the outside layer.

Folded magazine pages will do just as well as construction or printer paper to create DIY gift boxes. You could also try using sheets from telephone directories or newspapers; anything long and thin will work for this type of project. Once the box shape decides upon, cut out of one sheet of paper using scissors. Try to make it roughly twice as wide as you want your finished box to be, and also twice as high. Fold this rectangle in half lengthwise so that it forms a long strip on which your first fold is made.

* Magazine Boxes:

Most magazines will fold well, controlling the direction of the folds will create unique patterns and designs on your box. You can use a thick magazine or book to make a structure that is strong. You can cut two separate pieces and glue them together so they form the structure. There will be plenty of room inside it.

* Newspaper Boxes:

Take advantage of newsprint’s uncoated surface by using it to make an interesting “matte” gift box that won’t reflect light like regular paper would. You can also experiment with creating different textures and patterns by crumpling the newspaper as you make your seams.

* Construction Paper Boxes:

Construction paper is a good choice for making gift boxes because its matte surface won’t show fingerprints or smudges, and it comes in solid colors. Consult a color wheel to choose complementary shades for a more sophisticated look.

* Brown Paper Sack:

This sturdy box is easy to make with a few folds and glue. A covered version can be made by covering it with decorative paper before folding and gluing the seams together.

* Shoe Box:

An ideal size for big, odd-shaped gifts (especially if they’re round or irregular), these boxes are also very easy to create because there’s no need for tape or glue—all you have to do is fold the flaps over. Smooth out the seams with your fingers so that they don’t show through on the inside of your box.

* Gift bag:

Although they aren’t really boxes per se, gift bags offer plenty of room for both large and small presents, and won’t break the bank. Most craft stores carry bags with handles, self-sealing flaps, and fancy shapes that are pretty enough to use year after year. If you’re shopping for a bag or two, think about getting some that coordinate with your wrapping paper.

Following are the ways through which you can make your own boxes:

Preparing the Printed Box

When you have chosen a way to make the box, it is important that the design fits into the box. If you use vinyl for this project, you can trace where your design is going on parchment paper with a marker. With any method that uses glue dots or other adhesive products, put those places where there will be a design as well as all four corners of the sides of your box.

The Envelope – (Open End Fold Over)

This envelope has no bottom flap and needs to be glued closed by the recipient. The only adhesive product you need is a glue stick or double-sided tape. You can place a design on the outside that is visible when opening the flap as well as one inside the top flap of the envelope if desired.

Open Cardstock Boxes –

These cardboard boxes come in various sizes. You can choose to make them one or three inches wide, and as long as you like. They have an open end and an open side, which may be on both sides of the box if you want to decorate it with images instead of text. Fold the flap inwards on the inside of the box so your items stay safe inside, but do not seal it shut. Just fold it over and glue it together with a glue stick for extra security.

Paper Envelopes from Paper Presentation –

These envelops are so cool. You can put designs on each side of these envelope which makes for double the impact when sending out invitations or greetings cards. All you need is double-sided tape to adhere whatever design pieces you add to it. If you want to use these envelopes, then you need to use 2 sheets of cardstock. They are made from recycled materials and won’t work well if only using one sheet. There are also a lot of different sizes and types of envelopes for your choosing. You can make your own artwork or design on them too, great for card makers, invitations, etc.

Envelope Template –

This envelope template can be used as a regular envelope. But it is thin so it makes a good enclosure for other envelopes. It’s best to use this when the invitation card is square and you don’t want people to see what is on the back of the card through the window cut out that some cards have.


Gift boxes are good for giving gifts. But you can also use them to protect the gift during shipping. There are many types of printing techniques through printer companies near me that you can use on paper or fabric to make your own custom printed gift box. You may want to add stickers or stamps on the outside of the box rather than making it from scratch if you are looking for something quick and simple. To make sure your personalized labels fit any occasion or budget, try using our free label maker tool.











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