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Our lives are going to be boring if we don’t have many choices. Particularly in the field of computing, it’s better to have multiple choices. This is because it lets us gain a comprehensive overview of the product. It is believed that even the most excellent product can’t be considered to be the best product. Because when purchasing an item, each person will have their own set of priorities and goals. For instance , a person who requires a laptop for online classes or browsing will not require an expensive laptop equipped with an extremely powerful GPU and CPU Card. This blog dives into deep dives to provide details the entire specifications, performance and specifications of the HP 15S Athlon Laptop.

As this HP 15S AMD Athlon is an entry-level laptop, we shouldn’t expect high-end gaming and CPU performance.

Chipset of HP 15S AMD Athlon

The tiny chip that is attached to the motherboard controls the total performance of laptops. The performance of laptops is determined by the processing power of the chipset. Although its function isn’t completely, it is significant and important. Since the laptop’s other components are for consolidating purposes. Buy low price hp laptop screen online in India

Everything you should know about HP 15s AMD AMD Athlon Silver 3050U Windows 10 Home Laptop 15s-gy0001AU

HP’s 15S AMD Athlon laptop is powered by the AMD Athlon Silver 3050U chip. We are completely in agreement that this Athlon series chipsets may not be as robust like Ryzen chipsets. Because Athlon chipsets have been specifically designed to perform light tasks. It is therefore absurd to assume that Athlon chipsets to permit users to play intense games or programs. Check out hp screen replacement cost online

Similar to other laptop and computer chipsets Athlon utilizes the x86-64 bit Instruction Set Architecture and Zen+ microarchitecture. The power and performance that comes with Zen+ microarchitecture doesn’t require description or explanation. After many years of struggle, AMD began to gain momentum thanks to Zen microarchitecture.

Dali Zen+ microarchitecture of AMD Athlon Silver 3050U chipset has the maximum TDP of 25 Watts. So, the user will not face any issues with heating. In the Geekbench 5 64 bits Single Core benchmark test, the Athlon chipset scores a rating of 704 points. In the Multi Core benchmark test, the overall score of 1312 is.


Memory of HP 15S AMD Athlon

There are two parts to consider: RAM and ROM which fall belong to this category. In computing RAM, it is the non-volatile memory since after shutting off the PC, it will forget everything. The DDR4-2400 RAM of 4GB is perfect for every kind of mild usage.

To store data for storage, the HP 15S AMD Athlon comes with a 1TB Hard Drive. It can store enormous amounts of data and never run out of storage. The needle in the Hard Drive can spin 5400 times per minute, meaning that speeds of read and write, sharing huge amounts of data will be swiftly.

Display & Keyboard of HP 15S AMD Athlon

A majority of entry level and mid-range laptops are a disaster in this class. However, the quality of the keyboard and display of the HP 15S AMD Athlon laptop is excellent.

The image quality in the 15.6 inch screen is sleek and clear. Bezels that are slim on both sides let the that the user can view the most content with no tilting of their heads or moving their head. Overall, the visual experience is extremely satisfying.

The black colour keys on the full-size English International keyboard looks phenomenal. Also, Numeric keypad is another helpful feature.

Build Quality

Although the whole structure of this laptop’s chassis is constructed from plastic. The laptop isn’t terribly lightweight, unlike other budget-friendly laptops on the market. Additionally, the hinges are strong and flexible. So the likelihood of a laptop being damaged is extremely unlikely.


Under the under the hood, the laptop has three cells of 41 Watt Hour Lithium-ion battery with sufficient power to give a an overall battery standby duration that is 8 hours. If you use the AC Adapter 65 Watt allows you to charge your laptop completely in just 120 minutes.


HP 15S AMD Athlon laptop runs Windows 10 operating system which is renowned for its flexibility. It also HP is a worthy choice for providing the lifetime validity of MS Home & Student 2019. So, users don’t have to search for a third-party application to accomplish basic tasks like assignments, PowerPoint presentation.


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