How To Choose the Right Type of Window for Your Playhouse

Playhouse is a place where your kids spend most of their childhood. It is the right place for your kids to enjoy their childhood and preserve memories. Because of that, it is imperative to make the playhouse as cozy and beautiful as it could be. One way of beautifying the playhouse’s windows is by choosing the appropriate window style for them.

But, when we want our playhouse to look good and combines with its style, then we need to choose carefully and wisely for it not to go wrong in the end. Here are some guidelines that will help you choose the right kind of windows:

  • Choose Appropriate Size

Choose a window that is not too big with your playhouse’s size. Many people think that bigger windows mean more light so they choose bigger windows for their home, but a small-sized one can also be a good choice if you have curtains to cover them up so no one could see what is behind those curtains. Generally, people use 12×18 playhouse window size for right fit and good visual appeal. 

  • Match With Architecture

Choose a window style that matches the playhouse’s architecture style. It is only feasible when you get the ideas of what architectural style does your playhouse has and follows it like by like. 

  • Matches With Wall Paint

Choose a window that has a similar color to your playhouse’s wall paint color. It will have good look if you only combine the two of them, walls and windows. But many people think differently from this idea so they decorate their window as brightly as they could as if it was the only highlight of the playhouse.

  • Match With Furniture Style

Choose the playhouse windows that are similar to your playhouse’s furniture style. There are many products nowadays that have the same look so you could mix them all up to get a unique result, without being too much of course.

  • Give Your Fresh Air And Light

Choose a window that will give you fresh air and natural lights into the house. Many people prefer non-opening windows which they think will give them a lot of light, but it is a big mistake to do so. Non-opening windows will give you more heat from sunlight so it is not wise to choose them at all.

  • Good Visual Appeal

Choose a shed window for your playhouse that has a simple look. A simple window with no ornaments or details will be a nice fit for a small playhouse since they can make it looks airy and breezy, but if you have a big enough playhouse then you could have all windows with ornament or details. 

  • Check Functionality Of Window

Choose windows that are easy to open and close since you can’t always leave them opened especially during the dusty season. Choose a window that won’t take up much space so you can still have other furniture aside from windows.

  • Ensure Good Quality

Choose a window that is made of good quality material to ensure the long durability of them all. Many products nowadays are imported from many countries, especially Asian countries which are famous for producing high-quality products at low prices. Look for those brands if you want to save up money but buy products of great quality.

  • Simple Style

Choose a window that is simple, not too artistic nor whimsical. The simpler the better since it will make your playhouse house look airy and breezy which is the main purpose of having windows in the first place. You could also have a mix of the artistic or whimsical window for your playhouse if you want that kind of style, just not too many. If you want to have different style, then you should choose round playhouse windows

  • Similar Materials As Playhouse Doors

Choose a window that is made out of similar materials to the house’s doors and door frames. It is best to stick with the same design when it comes to windows to get a harmonious result at the end. It will satisfy your need not to have fresh air in your playhouse while giving you light that comes out from the windows at the same time.


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