How Much Does It Cost to Import a JDM Car?


Bringing your dream jdm car back to the United States from Japan might seem daunting, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In fact, with the right amount of planning and work, importing your own JDM car back to the U.S. can be surprisingly easy—and affordable, too! While individual prices will vary based on model and year, this guide breaks down the cost of importing various JDM cars into the U.S., including a few surprising tips on how to save money along the way.

Do your research

Buying jdm cars for sale is something that not many people are interested in doing. The initial cost of purchasing a car can be high, and because of this, it’s essential to know the price before making any commitments.

Also, shipping vehicles from across the world may be expensive, which is another big thing to consider. So it’s really important for those interested in buying one to know what they’ll need when it comes time to get their vehicle shipped back home.

Knowing how much you will spend upfront and how much things will cost when it comes time for shipping is something every potential buyer should consider before making any decisions.

Purchase from a reputable seller

The market for Japanese import cars is flooded with sellers. That means it can be hard to know who is reputable and who is not. So before you begin shopping, do your research! Check out the reviews on car sites like YouTube, Autotrader, and Auto Trader for feedback from previous buyers about particular dealerships or owners. This will give you a better idea of the quality of their work before you buy from them.

If there are no reviews available or if they are not helpful, it’s worth looking up the company’s BBB rating just in case they have been taking advantage of people in the past. Researching companies thoroughly will help keep you safe while buying such an expensive car!

Know the costs

Importing an import car into the United States typically incurs various upfront and recurring expenses. These costs can vary depending on the type of vehicle being imported, what company is facilitating the importation process, and whether or not there are any underlying complications concerning the vehicle. In most cases, buyers expect total importation costs for cars under 11,000 pounds (5 tons) will usually fall between $2,000 and $3200.

Complete all the necessary documents

Ensure you have completed all the necessary documents before importing your desired car. These will vary depending on which country you are importing from but usually include Certificates of Origin and some documentation from the previous registrar.

Negotiate with the seller

This will be the first car that I’ve imported from Japan. I have already looked into it and am confident that this is something I can do with my own time and money. What are the prices for a decent Nissan Skyline or Mazda RX-7? Well, depending on what condition you want the car, an average price for either car would range from about $4,000-$8,000 (without shipping).

Is there much risk in importing cars, and how could I mitigate it if so? Cars are expensive, and importing them can lead to financial loss if they’re not in the condition they say they are. The best way to avoid losing your hard-earned money is by making sure you fully research a company before paying them any fees.

Find transport to Japan

There are so many methods for shipping, which all depend on what you want your transport method of choice to be. The following are your options:

Air transport, ship transport, train, car, and motorcycle transport. What you choose will depend on what type of vehicle you’re importing, where it is coming from, and where you live in Japan. Shipping usually takes around two weeks, so it’s best not to delay the process too much if time is important. Here you will learn effective ways to keep your car in top condition.

How much does a JDM car cost?

JDM cars for sale are generally bought on forums or Craigslist, with the buyer assuming all responsibility for delivering them. They can range in price from $5,000-$10,000, and some transactions may require escrow services. Once you’ve found your perfect car, one way to import it is by using an overseas shipping company such as those based in China.

A shipping company like this will take care of all customs paperwork and duties for the purchaser. Some companies may ask for money upfront before starting work on anything, but this is not always the case! There are other options if you would rather do something else yourself: private broker firms such as AutoShippers will charge around $1,500 -$2,500 to handle customs clearance with no additional fees; however, they only deal with a limited number of countries at present.

Is importing a car from Japan worth it?

Imported cars from Japan have become more and cheaper over the last few years. Nowadays, people are importing JDM cars for sale not only for the charm of it but because it’s also practical. There are certain customs regulations to follow before bringing a car into America that one must be aware of. Furthermore, if you want your car imported to America, there are some factors you need to consider, such as shipping and prices.

How do I start importing JDM cars?

You can get your hands on a Japanese import in many different ways. The question is, how do you know what the best option for you is? And which method will be the most cost-effective for you? That being said, I’ll break down some of the factors and give our recommendation on what’s the best method to go with.

Regarding shipping rates and methods, there are many different services out there that can help expedite the shipping process. There’s USPS, FedEx, UPS, and more. Before we talk about costs, though, let’s talk about time.

What JDM cars can you import in 2022?

Importing JDM cars has always been popular among car enthusiasts, especially those who want to get their hands on some of Japan’s rare and exclusive models. There are many reasons for importing cars from Japan – maybe it’s the make and model you’ve always wanted, or maybe it’s about saving some money on taxes.

What year can you import JDM cars?

It is very hard to find an answer as no one knows. However, many estimates show that 1988-1995 are what people are suggesting. Most of the imported cars were more likely in 1988 and 1990, which means that these cars have been in Japan for 20-25 years. Remember, not all countries will allow you to import a vehicle older than five years, so be sure you understand your country’s requirements before doing anything.

When purchasing any car, you must check every vehicle detail and talk with a trusted mechanic before making an offer on the car, if possible. You never know what might be wrong with it, from cosmetic damage, paint issues, or something else major.

Final Words

Every import is different, but the general idea is that you will have to pay import duty on the car and taxes on any equipment and spare parts included in the package. Typically, this will end up costing anywhere from 30% to 50% of the total cost of the car.

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