A Guide on How Does a Combination Lock Work

Combination Lock

You’ve come to the correct place if you’ve ever wondered how does a combination lock work or what makes it such a secure lock. Combination locks offer a robust locking mechanism that helps to keep any items you’re guarding safe. Combination locks do not require or use keys, unlike ordinary padlocks. 

So, mainly it is why a combination lock is so tough to open. Many individuals prefer combination locks over other types of locks because of this. China was the first country to invent combination locks. However, they are now widely utilized throughout the world, particularly in home security and banking.

Combination Lock

A combination lock has a locking mechanism that you can open by entering a series of digits. Symbols are sometimes used in place of numerals. Combination locks are available in a variety of sizes and designs.

The manufacturers make them for a variety of uses. Mechanical and digital combination locks are both available. You can get the service of key duplication in Melrose Park for any emergency. From luggage carriers to high-security safes, these locks are utilized in a variety of applications. They offer a quick and straightforward answer to issues such as misplacing things or theft.

How Does a Combination Lock Work

Some people theoretically say that a combination lock works in the same way as a lever mechanism. Therefore, for a fence to retract, the tumblers in the lever mechanism must align. It can cause the bolt to open, which in turn causes the lock to open. However, a combination lock works similarly to a keypad lock; only it uses characters, numbers, or symbols instead of keys. You can also read more about how to reset a combination lock.

Components of a Combination Lock

First, we can discuss that a standard combination lock operates according to a set of rules. Anyone can open it without using a key by the proper alignment of its parts in a specific position. The most typical configuration of these locks is a collection of interconnected rings or discs operated by a central shaft.

For the lock to open, you must align the rings. Moreover, the function of a combination lock is far from straightforward. Moreover, before we can grasp how a combination lock works, we must first discuss various components. Now, you can secure the locks more by getting the service of an emergency locksmith in Melrose Park.  We take a close look at the many parts of a standard combination lock.

Combination Dial

The combination dial is an integral part of the combination lock. The dial is located on the combination lock’s face. Furthermore, there are countless numbers, letters, and symbols in the combination dial. It will help if you twist it in a precise way to unlock the combination lock. Therefore, you also have to align the numbers perfectly.

Wheel Pack

Almost every lock has a wheel pack. In combination locks, the wheel pack is one of the most general components that people utilize. The wheel pack has been around for almost a century. Therefore, a wheel pack is a collection of wheels that work together to determine the lock’s combination.

The wheel pack is set to detect the password and work following it. The number of wheels in each combination lock varies. You can guess the number of rotations by the count of numbers used in the correct combination.

Let’s look at the number 5678 as an example. In this case, there are four digits in the combination. As a result, the wheel kit will have four wheels.


A spindle is attached to the combination dial. Moreover, a spindle acts as an axis for rotating objects because it is like a rod. However, the spindle connects the dial and the drive cam. The spindle runs through all of the wheels and connects to a drive cam in the back.

Drive Cam

Drive Cams are found in practically every mechanical combination lock available on the market. They are metal or plastic discs that are round in shape.

They are installed in the lock’s rear. Typically, drive cam lays on top of one another. The drive cam connects the top of the cam to a drive pin.

The drive cam’s primary purpose is to transfer any movement on the dial to the wheels. The unlocking procedure will not take place if the driving cam does not transfer motion to the wheels.

Drive Pin

Drive pins joined to the top of the drive cam, as previously stated. The pins are used to fit into holes that have already been created. However, they serve as a locking pin, preventing the driving cam from moving. The drive pin must make contact with a wheel fly for the opening process to work.

Wheel Fly

Each wheel consists of a wheel fly. A wheel fly is a little tab that can find on each side of a single wheel. It’s similar to a latch or a slot on the wheel’s side. The places appear at specific positions on a wheel. The passcode of the lock determines these positions. The primary function of this slot is to support drive pins.


The fence is also an essential part of the combination lock. A tiny metal bar serves as the fence. Now, this metal bar rests on the lock’s wheels. First, the bolt that secures the lock must open for the combination lock to open. After that, the fence stops the bolt from opening by laying on the wheels. Now, the fence needs to align with the wheel fly to open the lock.


Each wheel has a notch in addition to a drive pin. These notches work in an alignment to open the lock.

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