What are the Responsibilities of Help Desk Support

Help Desk support

Helpdesk Support Specialists are people who provide technical support and assistance for computer systems, hardware and software. It is their responsibility to answer questions and resolve system and user issues in a timely and professional manner.

The help desk support works with the IT team and communicates frequently with system and computer users throughout the company. The IT Help Desk team trains users on basic systems and computer functions. Understanding and evaluating daily system performance, customer problem-solving ability and innate compliance and compliance skills are key elements in the daily role of help desk support.

Help Desk Support Responsibilities

The day-to-day work of the Help Desk Support Team varies according to customer or system needs on a specific day. Help desk support staff can plan upgrades, updates and maintenance tasks, but unexpected problems always occur within a day. When users have the hardware, software, or system issues, most people support the help desk from the first contact point.

Many teams operate on a ticketing system, so each member of the help desk team has a different set of tickets to solve their management tasks and close each day. Although the nature of their role is more technically dependent, it is important for help desk support professionals with strong communication skills to have the patience and perseverance to keep frustrated customers at ease. With so many tasks to monitor, help desk support is usually responsible for:

  • Monitor incoming requests for IT issues and respond quickly.
  • Maintain computer systems and act as support if any system crashes.
  • Responsible for PCs, printers, servers and related devices (monitor, keyboard, mouse, hard drive, etc.).
  • Manage users’ PCs, including updates and configurations if needed.
  • Help onboarding new customers.
  • Keep a list of all devices, software and licensed users.
  • Install, configure and upgrade PC software.

Skills of a Help Desk Support Specialist

The help desk support team is a patient manager who knows how to find or create solutions to unexpected problems. They usually work with multiple teams and departments to be able to communicate and gain ownership to complete tasks properly and on time. Everyone at the help centre has some essential skills:

  • General knowledge of computer systems, PC repair and network management
  • The nature of resources and quick thinking to solve new and serious technical problems when they arise.
  • Ability to configure, configure and support operating systems on desktop and mobile
  • Understand and appreciate information security on systems and user devices.
  • Excellent customer service and a strong drive to provide an experience with priorities about tasks, shareholders, budget and time.

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As businesses grow, they need an effective help desk. Although some traditional help desk activities have been outsourced in recent years, the desire for onsite support has always been present in every major company. Help desk support specialists are needed in all industries and can develop specific skills by learning more about a particular technology, system or hardware and becoming an expert.

According to Glassdoor, project managers in the United States earn an average salary of $ 43,835. The more convenient the desk support specialist, the higher the salary. For example, application support specialists earn an average salary of $ 11k. With the help of the Helpdesk, you can hone your skills and expertise as you gain more knowledge and experience.

Help Desk Vs. Service Desk

The main difference between Help Desk and Service Desk Support is that Help Desk focuses on providing quicker solutions to end-users than customer service.

Helpdesk is currently an add-on for IT functions. You can consider help desk support as a subset of the overall service desk capabilities.

The main difference between a service desk and a help desk system is that service desks support IT service delivery in a service-based ecosystem. Service desk systems are now considered the basis of modern IT services; However, specific companies place different values ​​in the help desk versus service desk discussion to meet specific IT needs.

Most IT professionals agree that the desired distinction between helpdesk and service desk options varies from business to business. Businesses benefit from understanding customized IT support requirements and implementing a support system that is compatible with both problems solving and organizational optimization.


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