Guide to Canada Spouse Visa and Dependent Visa for Indians

If you are a citizen or PR holder in Canada, planning to bring your spouse or a dependent to Canada can be daunting. This post will outline all the necessary details about the dependent and spouse visa Canada for Indians. Let’s take a look. 

Canada Spouse Visa

A Canada spouse visa is formal documentation that allows your spouse or common-law partner to receive PR. 

Canada Dependent Visa

The dependent visa and the spouse visa are part of a program called the Canada Family Sponsorship Program. A dependent visa allows you to sponsor your dependents. It will enable them to study or work afterward, according to the relevant permit. 

The dependents could be children, parents, grandparents, immediate relatives, or adopted relatives. For assisted services in Family Sponsorship Program, you may reach out to visa agents in Bangalore.

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Eligibility Criteria for Sponsors

The below points outline the eligibility criteria for dependent visa and spouse visa, Canada:

  • Your minimum age is 18 years.
  • Must be a Canadian citizen, have Canada PR, or have registration as per the Canadian Indian Act.
  • You can provide for the basic needs of your benefactors.
  • No serious criminal offences in your name.

There are no income criteria for a spouse, common-law/conjugal partner, and dependent child, but other requirements are in play. Like, A sponsored child under the age of 22 must be without a spouse or partner. The only rest is for children with physical / mental disabilities. The child can be your birth or adopted child. A certificate of kinship including a medical examination is required.

If you are applying in the province of Quebec, different immigration assistance requirements apply. To understand the specific responsibilities of the Quebec Ministry, you will need the assistance of visa officers in Bangalore.

Documents Required

Certain documents are required to prove the eligibility of the people you want to sponsor. For a dependent visa & spouse visa, Canada, all forms and processes required are as follows:

  • Document showing relation between the sponsor and the benefactor
  • Legal partner documentation like marriage certificate
  • Joint agreements like bank accounts
  • Income proof of sponsor to show the financial status
  • A signed contract where the sponsor undertakes the basic needs of the benefactor
  • Any other evidence showing a relationship between the sponsor and the benefactor
  • Medical exams & biometric processes as required

Sponsorship Process for Indians

The sponsorship process for Indians to apply for a dependent or a spouse visa follows the below steps:

  • There are two different applications. One is for you to become a sponsor, and the other is for your dependent to apply for permanent residence.  
  • For the regular spouse or dependent sponsorships, receive the application package first. It consists of a document checklist, required forms, and an instruction guide. 
  • If you meet all the eligibility conditions and documents, complete the form with relevant information and apply.
  • Pay the application fees online. It includes processing fees, PR fees, third-party fees for medical exams, and police verification. The amount is non-refundable.
  • Submit your application via courier or regular mail.
  • This process may require additional information depending on the case. 
  • At the beginning of the application process, you will receive an application number and a receipt for the fees. If your application gets rejected, you can choose to continue processing, or you may withdraw your application. You will get a refund except for the sponsorship fee.
  • If your application gets approved as a sponsor, your dependents’ application processing will start. This process may require supporting documents as per the request.
  • You can track the application updates online.


If you are looking to settle with your dear ones in Canada, this visa process can be of great help strictly. The best route for a dependent and spouse visa, Canada for Indians is to adhere to IRCC regulations.


  1. What is the role of IRCC in the visa process?
    Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada deal with responsibilities and matters related to immigration. IRCC will be dealing with your application request for a visa.
  2. What is the processing time for a spouse visa, Canada?
    The ideal processing time is 12 months. It could vary depending on the pandemic and unique situations.
  3. Is it safe to trust agents and immigration consultancy services?
    Yes, be sure to contact reliable Government of Canada services. It is better to connect with agents who may be able to help with post-approval services. You may reach out to visa agents in Bangalore for application support.
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