Grab the Amazing Festive Season Discounts on Whirlpool Fridges only on Bajaj EMI Store

Festive seasons are coming soon, and in this season, most people are ready to purchase electrical items, so on these fantastic days, why not go for a new fridge? And sell the old one. In the electronics market, whirlpool is taking the lead and providing the best service to their customer. So, you can find the best fridge with a whirlpool company that has all the requirements suitable for your work. The refrigerator helps to keep the foods and drinks inside safe and fresh. People use this refrigerator for many purposes since the refrigerator is found in many places, not just in the house. There are many functions of the refrigerator which is known to max people.

Best whirlpool fridges available in market

1) Intellifresh 265 L frost Free Double Door refrigerator

In this refrigerator, you can find the 5 in 1 convertible option. Thus,It is made up of arctic steel, which means it can store the cold temperature for more hours. This best whirlpool double door fridge has different modes which can be used as per requirements. So, this model guarantees that it can provide 15 days of freshness. Thus, The price range starts from 30 thousand, and people can take it on EMI. 

  • Potential to keep the items fresh for two weeks.
  • Adaptive intelligence technology.
  • Macroblock technology
  • Comes in a single color.
  • Capacity=265 L
  • Star rating= 3 star
  • Honeycomb moisture lock cover

2) Intellifresh 360 Frost Free Double door refrigerator

This model is the higher version of the intellifresh 265 L double door refrigerator. Thus, it comes with the option for 5 different modes. It has the same silver color, and it can protect your food item for 15 days. Whirlpool double door fridges are made with arctic steel, which will last long. In this festive season, you can find this refrigerator from 39 thousand. 

  • Capacity=360 L
  • Star rating= 3 stars
  • Comes with zeolite technology to protect vegetables and fruit.
  • Macroblock technology helps to stop 99% of bacterial growth.

3) Intellifresh two-door Frost-free refrigerator

This is a refined model of the old version. In this model, you can find great features like it has a sensor for automatic temperature control and different modes to control the freezer part and bottom part. So, It looks great in the black color which attracts it. Thus, in this refrigerator, it can work in different modes like chef mode, dessert mode: Party mode, deep freeze mode, etc. 

  • It has a solid finish which gives clean edges.
  • It does not have Pedestal 
  • Capacity= 265 L
  • Star Rating= 3 Star
  • Different modes are available for different purposes.

4) Neo fresh 265l frost free double door refrigerator

There are different modes present for this model, which provides 6th sense deep freeze technology with a 2-star rating. Thus, the shiny black color gives a dazzling look to it. So, it comes with a ten years warranty. So, Many people purchase this refrigerator after knowing the warranty period. Thus, it provides well performance in the cooling segment. So, this refrigerator is famous in many places. Thus, In India, you can find this refrigerator after every second shop.

  • Up to 12 days of garden freshness.
  • Provides 6th sense Deepfreeze technology 
  • Micro black Technology.
  • A fresh flow of air tower with Flexi vents
  • Capacity= 265 L
  • Star rating= 2 star

5) Neo Fresh 245 L frost free double door refrigerator

This refrigerator is made with Infinia steel, with that it comes with a 2-star rating. So, It provides better cooling and can make the cold drink chill within some minutes. Moreover, It has a 245L capacity to hold. So, it has a steel finish, and that comes with strong materials for long-lasting. Thus, this model is available in the market and is known for having such features. The refrigerator has a reasonable price, which starts from 21 thousand in the Indian market.

  • Body made with steel material.
  • Capacity=245L
  • Star rating=2 star
  • Fresh flow air tower
  • Honeycomb moisture lock.

In this festive season, bring home a refrigerator with No Cost EMI and zero down payments by shopping with Bajaj Finserv. It will help you get the best product, and you can pay the amount later on with a period of 3 to 24 months. So why wait anymore? So, This festive season, get the best refrigerator for your beautiful home.

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