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The Gojek Clone app has become the favourite app in the industry of on demand multiple services. This is partially because it is a super app the world hasn’t seen before. However, one of the biggest reasons for its growing popularity lies in the fact that it has various services under a single app’s foray giving the entrepreneurs a chance like never before to earn from multiple sources.

To understand how the entrepreneurs can become extremely profitable using the Gojek Clone app. we have to take a long and hard look at the various services that can be offer using this app.


The Gojek Clone app offers over 70 different services under one bracket. However, to make it convenient for the users, the app has various diversifications for services that the users can select from. Let us take a look at these sections and the various services within them.

On demand transportation services

The Gojek Clone app is a compact app that has many services within it. The first among the many is the transportation service. This can be view as an on demand taxi booking app within the major Gojek Clone app.

This section of the application functions exactly like the Uber clone app, giving the users the ability to book taxis. The taxis that the users can choose from include:

  1. Bike taxi
  2. Hatchback taxi
  3. Sedan taxi
  4. Luxury car/ premium car taxi
  5. SUV taxis

The user can choose from these options based on the number of people traveling and their budget. On clicking this option the users are taken to a taxi booking landing page from where they can make their selection and generate a ride request.


On demand parcel delivery service

Within the Gojek Clone app itself, there is a parcel sending option. Clicking this section will take the users to a parcel delivery landing page from where the users can choose to send a parcel to a single location or to multiple locations.

The beauty of the app lies in the fact that it is designed to provide complete control and freedom to the users. They can send across a parcel as small as an envelope to something in the form of a much larger consignment such as a hundred bags of fertilizer to different farms.

Since the user gets to choose the vehicle type ranging from a bicycle to a truck, they can have complete autonomy on what they wish to send and where they wish to send it. Parcels can be sent from point A to point B or from point A to points B, C, D and even E.

On Demand Store based delivery for purchase plus delivery

This is a very unique option that is available within the Gojek Clone app. Using this section the user can place orders for items, purchase them right off the app and then get them delivered to their doorstep with just a few clicks on their smart phone. This option can include various services such as:

  1. On demand food delivery from restaurants
  2. grocery delivery from grocery stores
  3. On demand bottled water delivery
  4. flower delivery
  5. On demand medicinal supply delivery from pharmacies
  6. baked goods delivery from bakeries

And so on and so forth. The app owner can decide what are the various categories of stores that they wish to add to this section and then earn from all these aspects.

On demand service provider for hire

This is probably the most extensive part of the Gojek Clone app. When the user clicks on this option they are taken to a landing page that presents them with the different services that are offered using the Gojek Clone app. These services include but are not restricted to:

  1. On demand doctor
  2. nurse On demand
  3. On demand beautician
  4. plumber On demand
  5. On demand electrician
  6. tutor On demand
  7. On demand dog walker
  8. beautician On demand
  9. On demand house cleaners
  10. maids On demand
  11. On demand window washers
  12. car wash On demand
  13. On demand snow plough

And much more. On clicking the particular service within this section.  The user can ensure that they get to see a list of all the service providers available within the area for their requested service. They can then click on the service provider of their choosing to have them come to their homes or offices to deliver the requested service.

On demand delivery genie

The Gojek Clone app has offered this unique service within its foray as well. Using this option the user can hire a service provider as a delivery runner. They can help with daily chores and errands such as picking up laundry, shopping for items, getting things delivered from one place to another such as your lunch or a forgotten item.


If we were to summarise the potential of the Gojek Clone App in a word, that word would simply be ‘MORE’. The Gojek clone offers multiple services that revolve around making the life of a user simple and easy for day to day conduct.

This presents the app owner with a unique opportunity to earn more by offering multiple services with a single app. The only thing that an app owner must do to ensure maximum profitability is to ensure that they pick the right app from the various options available in the market. The easiest way to do that is to test your app pre purchase.

Request a demo from your on demand mobile app development company so that you can take a live run of the app, generate requests, accept jobs and check out their look and feel across android and iOS devices before you invest anything on it.

The Gojek clone app is the future of the on demand business and a small one time investment can set you up on the path of continuous and perennial profits. So, it is best to enter the market now with the help of a solid white label on demand Gojek Clone app for multiple services.

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