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Flatbed trucking

Flatbed trucking is an example of off-road trucking in which you are towing over-sized or large-load objects. You may be hauling construction supplies, such as lumber, steel pipes, shingles, or brick, across state or country roads. Or, you may be hauling military vehicles, demolition equipment, or mobile homes across the country. Whatever the use, Flatbed trucking is versatile and easy to operate.

Flatbed trailers

The concept of Flatbed trucking has come about when flatbed trailers are designed for taking larger loads that cannot fit into other types of flatbed trailers. There are many different types of Flatbed trailers, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, depending on your particular needs and wants. This article focuses on flatbed trucking as a form of off-road transport, but the principles of this type of hauling are easily applicable to other situations.

Flatbed truck drivers

Because Flatbed trailers are relatively small, they provide greater maneuverability than most other types of hauling needs. This means that many of these drivers can move with greater ease over rough or uneven terrain. Because of the greater maneuverability, it is easier for these drivers to find the best routes and distances to travel. In addition, Flatbed drivers can carry more cargo in these narrow trailers because of the increased length, which allows for longer weight and size combinations. For these reasons, Flatbed truck drivers have a variety of hauling needs. In addition, because of the low ground clearance of Flatbed trailers, many of these trucks are able to make long trips over vast amounts of terrain.

flatbed trucking

Flatbed trucking operations

One of the hazards of Flatbed trucking operations is the increased chance of accident or trauma due to poor loading practices. The weight of the vehicle itself often requires more time to load the cargo than the typical standard-size trailer. The combination of increased weight and long-distance driving often results in the vehicles not being ready to leave the loading dock before the vehicle has been completely unloaded. To prevent accidents during unloading, it is important to properly load the vehicle and perform proper loading procedures. Failure to do so can result in the cargo becoming scattered or loose.

increased weight

Another issue that is often found in the operations of the oversized truck hauling companies is the danger of overheating. Although the driver may be able to control the heat, it is often very dangerous. The combination of the oversized size and increased weight often requires the driver to exert much effort to bring the vehicle to a safe temperature. Because of the hazards, this type of operation represents, many operators will invest in a variety of heat sources, such as woodstoves, fireplaces, propane stoves, and even blankets for passengers, to ensure that they remain safe and properly heated during the trip.

flatbed trucking

Carrying the cargo

One of the other common injuries sustained by flatbed trucking drivers is back injury. The nature of this type of operation requires the driver to stand for lengthy periods of time while carrying the cargo, which puts strain on the lower back. Many times, the taller drivers will encounter the problem of having to support their backs while in the bed of the vehicle, which can lead to a number of related injuries. These types of injuries can range from minor discomfort to a fracture, and sometimes they are not easily detectable unless medical attention is obtain immediately.

Types of trailers

As far as load limits go, flatbed trucking companies must abide by federal regulations. Regarding the maximum allowable loads, which vary from state to state. Depending upon the regulations governing the transportation of these types of trailers, the drivers must ensure that the weights on the vehicle do not exceed. The load limits or the transportation will be illegal. To be legally permitted to transport this type of cargo. The drivers must ensure that the carrier is properly insured. That the load does not exceed the maximum allowed. And that proof of insurance is current. If these conditions are adhered to. There is little chance that the operation could become a risk to the individual or property.

Flatbed Truck Driver Certification

Flatbed truck drivers have the opportunity to make more money. And secure newer jobs when they regularly meet with their respective carriers to discuss possible shipments. This allows the driver to build up a relationship with the company and build a positive reputation. Which can help them secure better future employment. If you are in need of a new position, you may want to consider expedited shipping sending it. In your application for Flatbed Truck Driver Certification. This will help to fulfill the employment needs and increase your potential for success. For more information, contact your local Freight Forwarder today.

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