Easy Tips to Improve Speed And Accuracy in Any Government Exam

Government Exam

Speed and accuracy are two vital things you need to take care of while attempting any government exam. Many candidates focus on brushing up their skill to improve their speed. However, remember that accuracy along with speed plays a crucial role. If you keep on marking the answers without even realising that they are right or wrong, then for sure you’ll fall into the trap of negative marking in the exam. It is obvious you would never like to lose your marks  because of negative marking. So, make sure you have good speed and accuracy. If you are incognizant of some smart ways to prepare for the exam, then read this article meticulously. Adhere to the tips and tricks mentioned here. It can help you crack the government exam with flying colours. 

We all know how hard it is to channel through the phases of a government exam and secure a prestigious job. If you are preparing for the hard exams like SSC CGL, banking or defence exams, then do improve your speed and accuracy. Otherwise, you’ll be snatched off your opportunity and have a lifetime of regret for not being able to solve the simplest questions. For sure, you might be working from your fingers to bones while preparing for the government exams. If you want to mark right answers in the exam, then you need to enhance your speed and accuracy. 

Go through the following points to know some easy tips to improve speed and accuracy in any government exam:

To be honest, it is hard to attain speed and accuracy at the same time. You need to put in arduous efforts to improve your speed and accuracy. Follow the given tips and improve your performance in the government exam. 

  • Know scrupulous details of exam

Is it important to know the exact details of the exam? Yes, it can help you scrutinize the exam details such as number of sections, important topics, marks distribution and negative marking in the exam. This is the first thing you need to do while preparing for the exam. The reliable source to collect exam details is the official website of exam conducting bodies. Also, you can get this detail from the official notification of the exam. Go through the annexures attached to it. These annexures explain exam syllabus and pattern in detail. 

  • Art of time management

Time management plays a significant role at least two times in a student’s life. First, when you start preparing for the exam. Second, when you sit to attempt the government exam. You need to tackle government exam preparation with a solid strategy. It is important to complete the exam syllabus on time. Also, while attempting the exam you need to keep the following things in mind:

  • First of all, you need to solve simple questions. 
  • Keep hard and doubtful questions for the end.
  • Avoid wasting your time on a single question. Jump to another question, if you are unable to solve the question. 
  • Never mark questions blindly. If you do it, then you’ll lose marks due to negative marking in the exam. 
  • Keep yourself calm

Note that stress and anxiety are arch-enemies of accuracy and speed. It’s obvious that your brain will stop working under stressful situations. You’ll lose your thinking ability and won’t be able to solve the questions perfectly. On the other hand, with a cool mind you can easily solve the trickiest questions of the exam. So, try to keep yourself away from stress and anxiety while preparing for the exam. There are chances that you can panic while attempting the question paper. At that time, you can choose to take long breaths in the examination hall.

Also, you can prefer to practice meditation daily to keep yourself calm and poised. Meditating regularly can aid in improving the retention capacity of your mind. Moreover, it can help you focus properly while studying for the exam. 

  • Cognitive approach to problem solving

You need to reduce the use of pen and paper while attempting the exam. For sure, you will face some difficulties in the beginning. But, by the time you can easily solve the difficult problems. Now, every government exam is conducted online. Therefore, you need to be dexterous in solving the question on the computer. Also, it is advisable to mark your answer carefully. A single wrong answer can cost you your success in the exam. 

  • Attempt enough mock tests

Let us tell you that mock tests can work as a boon for you while preparing for the government exams. Solving mock tests is a great way to improve your speed and accuracy. Do you know where to get mock tests? There are numerous websites that can provide you with ample mock tests for free. For better practice, you can choose to solve at least 2 mock tests daily. The best part of attempting mock tests is that you can simulate the experience of the actual exam. As a result, you gather enough courage to attempt the actual exam. 

  • Creative thinking can make a difference 

In government exams no one will check how you have solved the question. You can be creative while solving a question. Thus, it is advisable to use short tricks while attempting the exam. Note that not every time you’ll get an accurate answer by applying short tricks. Thus, you need to solve enough questions to know where to apply short tricks and where not. 

  • Seek help from a reliable source

You’ll be able to solve the question quickly only when you have a clear understanding of the basics. Some candidates can easily understand and retain the concepts on their own. But, there are some candidates who need proper guidance. So, they can choose to join a coaching institute. 

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These are some of the easy tips you can follow to improve your speed and accuracy in any government exams. We hope that this article can help you perform excellently in the exam.

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