DIY Tips to Fix QuickBooks Error 15106

QuickBooks is packaged software that provides you with numerous tools to manage your accounting and bookkeeping operations. To keep these tools up and running, you must update the application regularly to ensure the smooth functioning of all the features. But, these updates usually bring along errors like the QuickBooks Error 15106 into the computer. This error is triggered when the Payroll updates are downloading in the multi-user mode and without access to Admin rights. Follow our blog below to learn easy resolution methods for the same.

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Factors Provoking QuickBooks Error 15106

  1. Using QuickBooks in the multi-user mode.
  2. The user is working on the Shared Download without access to the specified download location.
  3. When the user is not logged in as the Windows Administrator.
  4. While the server-side isn’t responding.
  5. Your Firewall isn’t allowing you to access QuickBooks over the network.
  6. unstable internet connection may also lead to the error code 15106 while updating the payroll latest update.

The reason for the Error 15106 can be diverse from above mention reason, Therefore if it is occurring due to some other reason then you can ask your IT team.

Ways to Eliminate QuickBooks Error 15106

Here in this article, we have covered the most honest technique to tackle with QuickBooks Desktop error code 15106 swiftly.

Technique 1- Switch to the Single User Mode

From here we have discussed one utmost reason that causes where the user is using multi-user mode while downloading the payroll update.

  1. All users should sign out of QuickBooks.
  2. You must open QuickBooks only at the workstations that are facing Error 15106.
  3. Press the File tab.
  4. In the drop-down menu, select the Switch to Single-user Mode option.
  5. Reopen the application.

Technique 2- Check the Location of the Mapped File

  1. Open QuickBooks.
  2. Press the Ctrl key + 1 on your keyboard to open the Product Information screen.
  3. Here, you need to locate and note the mapped location path that would look something like [x]:\[folder name]\[data file name].
  4. Tap on the Help tab.
  5. Select the Update QuickBooks option.
  6. Move to the Options section.
  7. Check the data in the Download Location. It is correct in the following situations-
    a) When the Shared Download reflects Yes, the drive in the Download Location and the Product Information should be identical.
    b) When it displays No, the directory in the Download Location and the QuickBooks installation should match.
  8. If the information in the Download Location is incorrect, you must switch the state of location by performing one of these steps below-
    a) If you see Shared Download as Yes, turn it into No.
    b) If it is No, you must switch it to Yes.
  9. Hit the Close button.
  10. Download and install the payroll tax table updates.

Technique 3- Move your Drive to a New Letter

  1. Exit from QuickBooks and terminate all your company files.
  2. Remap your network drive to a new letter.
  3. Access the QuickBooks application.
  4. Open your company file from the new letter.
  5. Click on the Help tab.
  6. Select the Update QuickBooks option.
  7. Now move to the Options section.
  8. Here, you need to disable and then enable the Shared Download.
  9. Ensure that the download location is linked to the new letter.
  10. Hit the Save button.
  11. Press Close.

Technique 4: Perform the QuickBooks Clean install.

  1. Commence this troubleshooting by closing all background QuickBooks.
  2. Open the Control Panel, and scroll down until finding the QuickBooks.
  3. begin the uninstall process by following the on-screen steps carefully.
  4. Now Restart the system and clear Temp Directory.
  5. Afterward, Initiate the QuickBooks install process and use the express install mode.
  6. Click on the finish at last.
  7. reopen the QuickBooks.

Technique 5: Use File Doctor to diagnose

  • Start the File doctor and choose the network and company file option.
  • Choose the company file to throw the file browser.
  • Wait Until the diagnosing process ends.
  •  Restart the QuickBooks again and update again.


From this blog, we understand that QuickBooks Error 15106 is an update error that can be resolved by verifying the settings of the drive location. In case the error persists even though you have followed all the given techniques. we can assume that you need to contact our experts in order to apply advanced troubleshooting steps to fix error 15106.

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