Dental veneers What are they? What is your function?

The dental veneers are the best solution to improve the aesthetic appearance of teeth that are damaged for some reason, either because they are parties or because they are discolored.

In particular, dental veneers are a good alternative to make your central, lateral and canine teeth provide you with a pleasant and attractive smile.

What exactly is a dental veneer?

Dental veneers, like crowns, in the case of molars, are aesthetic treatments whose main purpose is to improve the appearance of the tooth , looking healthy and cared for.

They are pieces made of dental materials such as porcelain, composite or zirconium, being fixed on the tooth with an adhesive that holds them permanently.

Coating the tooth, allowing the dentist to give it the shape and appearance you want, so that you can create a balanced composition of your smile.

This is a safe and outpatient treatment, the placement of the veneers does not represent major risks for the patient

 When can dental veneers be used?

Veneers are generally indicated in one of the following cases:

1. Cover the surface of fractured teeth .

2. Reduce the diastemas or spaces that separate the teeth when these spaces are very wide and break with dental harmony.

3. Modify the shape of a tooth to give it a more balanced appearance.

4. Increase the size of a tooth, especially in bruxism patients who have reduced their worn teeth with friction.

5. To achieve a shade in the color of a tooth of a lighter shade.

In particular, veneers are a treatment that is recommended when the appearance of the teeth has been modified and compromised in a sensitive way. For example, a tooth that is broken or has lost a fragment.

Also when you want to design a smile to give a new appearance to a patient’s teeth.

Although, it is always about preserving the naturalness of the mouth and avoiding invasive treatments when they are not necessary.

For this reason, it is very important to consult and listen to the opinion of experts in dental aesthetics before performing procedures of this type.

What types of dental veneers are there?

Veneers can be of various types. Composite, acrylic resins, porcelain veneers and zirconia veneers.

In any case, it is a thin sheet that can be prefabricated and adapted to the patient’s mouth, or specially prepared for a specific tooth. This sheet is fixed on the tooth covering it.

In the case of composite veneers, because they are a malleable resin, dentists generally prepare and place them on the patient’s tooth in a single appointment.

Porcelain and zirconia are more elaborate veneers. They require a greater preparation, a little wear on the tooth and take impressions to be sent to the laboratory and it proceeds to manufacture them in enamelled porcelain, these are made to measure.

This last procedure takes more time, and of course, it is more expensive, although the result is better and more durable.

So now you know, if you have any questions and think that veneers may be the solution to your problems, request information from a professional you trust to guide you on the use of these dental treatments.

Types of dental veneers

There are  two types of dental veneers : some are made of composite and others are made of porcelain or ceramic. Below we detail the differences.

The  composite veneers  are made with a resin paste, known as composite, which adheres directly to the tooth. Its composition is used to model the tooth until the desired color and shape is achieved. Due to the material from which they are made, it is necessary to retouch them periodically.

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