Can You Put Mascara On Hybrid Lashes?

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lashes are one of the latest beauty trends to hit salons and makeup counters across the country, but have you ever wondered if you can use your regular mascara with them? This guide will help you figure out whether hybrid lashes are compatible with your existing mascara collection and how to apply them to those lashes properly so you get the best results.

What Are Hybrid Lashes?

Many people try making their lashes look thicker and longer without having to do extensions. Understandably, people would be hesitant about lash extensions because they come with many concerns, from infections to poor-quality lashes. 

Instead of traditional lash extensions, there is a new alternative called hybrid lashes. The definition of hybrid is mixed in form or character. This means that the technique for these particular lashes uses classic and synthetic eyelash fibers. Classic lash fiber is typically made from human hair, while synthetic fiber can be made from artificial materials such as nylon and polyester. 

The experts at Eternal Eyelash Extensions know how popular this type of eyelash extension has become, and they want you to know all the benefits too. 

Hybrids Are Natural Looking

Hybrid lashes are a new type of lash extension that looks like natural lashes. They combine classic vs hybrid lashes and come in various styles, from full voluminous to an innocent, natural look. If you are considering getting hybrid eyelash extensions, you should ask yourself if you want them for their classic or voluminous look. There are advantages to both.

Classic lash extensions take about 90 minutes or less to apply and cost about $250-$400, depending on where you go. The good thing about this is that they will last until your next fill-in appointment (three weeks), and usually, no more than two appointments can be needed per year, which makes them affordable in the long run.

Hybrids Have Their Benefits

Yes! Many people wonder if they can put mascara on hybrid lashes. This is completely possible! Many women wear them because they look more natural and feel less heavy. However, these may not be the best option for those with extremely sensitive eyes or even an allergy to latex or silicone.

Most mascara companies offer versions of their products specifically made for hybrid lashes. Lash extensions with mink fur coatings can also be great if you want fuller-looking lashes.

The Right Way To Apply Mascara To Your Hybrids

Hybrid eyelash extensions may take some time to get used to. Most people find applying mascara a bit of a transition as they must first identify the natural lashes. And then, they need to ensure that the brush is only applied along the lower lash line, between lashes, and on the tips.

But when you know how to apply mascara properly. There’s nothing wrong with coating your hybrid lashes with just as much mascara as your natural ones! It might take a little more effort to separate the two types of lashes so you can use them at once. But if you follow these few steps for applying mascara to your hybrid eyelashes, you’ll be good to go.

What happens if you put mascara on lash extensions?

When people use lash extensions, they don’t put mascara on their lashes. It is important to remove the mascara before you take off the extension. A lash stylist can remove it for you with a cotton swab and then add a little extra extension glue in place of it. Be sure not to pull the curl out by pulling up on your eyelid and trying to wipe the mascara off with just your finger. The lash stylist should never do this either because it will cause irreparable damage to the natural lashes. If you have already done this, see your eye doctor immediately as soon as possible so they can recommend an ophthalmologist specializing in glaucoma care.

Can you wear makeup with hybrid lashes?

Do hybrid lashes prevent you from applying makeup on them or wearing a full face of makeup? In short, yes. They don’t allow for such a luxurious experience without potential damage to the lash extensions. Applying mascara or other products to the hybrid lash extensions may cause them to lose their curl and not look as shiny/full.

If you want to use cosmetics with your new hybrids lashes. Make sure they are labeled ‘lash safe.’ These products make it safe to wear your favorite products. While keeping your new lash full and luxurious in the packaging box!

How long do hybrid lashes last?

Hybrid lashes are one of the most popular lash extensions in the industry. This is due to their availability and affordability. That said, a few important things to remember when deciding whether to get them. The lifespan of hybrid lashes is around 2-3 weeks, which is significantly shorter than synthetic or mink lashes. 

The bond on hybrid lashes can be affected by eye conditions like dryness and allergies. Which could shorten their life expectancy even more than they already are. Still, most people find they need to replace them because they can no longer get the look they desire with hybrids.

How do you care for hybrid eyelashes?

Hybrid eyelash extensions are popular because they look natural while still giving volume and length to the lash line. Unfortunately, many women are asking whether you can put mascara on hybrid lashes. The answer is no. Many of the products designed for false lashes will ruin them, so you should only use lightweight mascara (waterproof works best). They don’t have to be expensive either – just find a product with good reviews, and it’ll do the trick.

Final Thoughts

Hybrid lashes are typically made up of a natural lash and synthetic extension. The synthetic extensions typically extend the length of the natural lash. You want to avoid getting it near your natural lash when using mascara. This can cause clumping, which leads to longer application time. For the best result, apply mascara from the base to the tips of your eyelashes for a classic look that will last all day long!

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