Top 7 Restaurant to try for best Thai food in Lahore

best Thai food

Pad Thai is one of the best Thai foods that consists of stir-fried rice noodles, eggs, veggies, and tofu. Some components are provided as side dishes, such as red chili peppers, lime wedges, and peanuts. This Thai meal also comes in a vegetarian variant that utilizes soy sauce instead of fish sauce and omits the shrimp. Chicken Pad Thai is a popular Bangkok Street food that is also available in rural Thai societies. This dish has been likened to General Chicken and other Westernized interpretations of traditional Chinese dishes. Regardless, it is distinct in that, and it originated in Thailand. 

The following are the best 7 Thai restaurants in Lahore that you must visit if you enjoy Thai cuisine or crave it.

Fuchsia Kitchen

Since 2017, Fuchsia Kitchen, a sibling business of Cafe Aylanto’s s founders, has been a staple on the Lahore dining scene. Fuchsia is a modern Asian restaurant that serves Pan-Asian cuisine featuring elements from Thailand, China, Vietnam, and Korea. On the other hand, Fuchsia Kitchen should be your first choice if you’re seeking a restaurant that serves a wide selection of Pan Asian food. Fuchsia Kitchen takes pleasure in providing our guests with authentic Asian cuisine. In addition, the Fuchsia restaurant provides a contemporary and elegant atmosphere.


Novu, which provides authentic Pan Asian food, has a relaxing, modern ambiance for work lunches and family gatherings. The broad menu, which includes soups and salads and seafood and beef/chicken entrees, has been carefully planned to fulfill the needs of everyone. Novu promises high-quality cuisine at cheap costs, as well as an unforgettable dining experience. Novu’s Japanese food has been introduced and has proven to be popular. They have a short but complete menu with everything from soups and appetizers to main entrees, but the cuisine is good and reasonably priced.

PF Chang

P.F. Chang’s a la carte menu includes intriguing Asian culinary selections produced with the finest ingredients and handcrafted sauces and gravies. The first multi-unit restaurant in the United States, founded in 1993, today has over 200 locations in the United States alone and over 60 outlets in 19 countries worldwide. That is undoubtedly one of the most incredible places to satisfy your demands for Asian cuisine. It is undoubtedly one of the most incredible places to fulfill your appetites for Asian cuisine. PF Chang’s most excellent sellers and most popular meals are Dynamite Shrimp, PF Chang Roll, Chang Spicy Chicken, and Asian Caesar Salad with Salmon.

Bamboo Union

Bamboo Union is Lahore’s first top pan-Asian restaurant, delivering world-class Asian food. It aims to provide the best Thai food in one location. There are a plethora of Asian cuisines to choose from. They go above and beyond to provide their devoted consumers with the most accurate experience imaginable. Bamboo Union is a fantastic spot to eat Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Chicken, and Beef cuisines all under one roof. Beef Bibimbap, Basil Chicken, Szechuan Gravy Fish Prawns, Pad Thai, Bamboo Maki Rolls, and Beef / Tuna Tataki are the most renowned and must meal at Bamboo Union.

Mei Kong

In this Restaurant Chinese & Thai has been selling flavors, textures, and aromas for a long time. Mei Kong creates vibrant, ready-to-eat meals that experiment with textures. And fragrances inspired by the tastes of the world’s locals and elites. Mei Kong serves Chinese, Thai, Continental, and Desi cuisines and sweets, and cold drinks. Chinese food is influenced by old fragrant fragrances, colorful dishes, rich texture, and distinct flavor.


This Chinese & Thai Restaurant was established in 2010, and since then, it has become the most renowned/recognized chain of restaurants in Lahore, serving outstanding Chinese & Thai cuisine. YUM Restaurants, conveniently located in the renowned Gulberg & DHA food district, offers a dynamic, intriguing, and engaging ambiance. They creates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere for family and friends to get to know one another, chat, and eat by combining the warmness and elegance of a family restaurant with modern ethnic decor. 


Sumo is one of Lahore’s oldest Japanese restaurants. They have opened in 1990 and later being refurbished to give authentic Japanese cuisine to the city. Customer service is excellent, and you will almost always be greeted with complimentary beverages or desserts, mainly if you are a regular. Nigiri, maki rolls, and sushi are available, as well as grilled and baked desserts. And live teppanyaki options such as chicken, beef, salmon, black cod, lobster, prawn, and red snapper. Their trademark Spicy Salmon Roll is a must-order item on their menu. 

Bamboo Union is a Pan Asian restaurant in Lahore that serves a range of Asian cuisines under one roof, including Chinese, Seafood, Asian, and best Thai food. This restaurant features a fantastic ambiance, as well as great flavor and quality. Bamboo Union offers authentic Pad Thai at a reasonable price and with excellent flavor.

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