A Complete Guide To Decorate Baby Nursery with Galaxy Wall Decals

Designing and decorating your house with alluring pieces of decoration is always something that would cheer you up. However, when it comes to a look that blemishes your eye, then the galaxy wall decals would be the right fit for your house. There are ample aspects that one needs to consider to decorate the walls of the room, especially if it is your baby’s room. 

The environment in which your little one will nurture has a significant effect on his or her growth. Therefore, you need to ensure the best and most desirable look of your house. Here we have lined up a complete guide on how to use wall decals and how they can affect the accentuation of your house. For a better view, keep reading this post!

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When is the Right Time to Allure Your Baby’s Nursery?

The months leading up to your new baby’s arrival might be stressful, but with a little planning and a strong schedule, you’ll be able to keep track of all the tiny details, including decorating your new nursery.

Experts recommend that you begin decorating your nursery about 20 weeks into your pregnancy. This gives you plenty of time to order any furnishings or nursery decor you may want, as well as have a personalized mailbox fitted.

Where to apply wall decals in the baby room?

Wall decals for your nursery are easy to stick almost anywhere in the room; all they need is a flat surface to cling to. Hence, you need to only get the assurance that you are picking up the right materials for your choice. Doing this will help you to know what are the best wall quotes decal types that can go well along with your specified requirements. 

  • Consider a repeating design that wraps around the entire nursery or a wall that surrounds the baby’s cot.
  • Decorate the ceiling of your child’s nursery – after all, it’s what they’ll be staring at from their crib and changing table.
  • Wall decals look exceptional on doors, so why not personalize them with your baby’s name?

How to Apply Nursery Wall Decals Right?

This is where most people commit this mistake in that they do not apply the wall decals properly. Hence, as a result, the decals do not look good, and they come off easily. Therefore, it is quite crucial to pick the galaxy wall decals that have an easy application. To know about the steps that can be followed for applying the wall decals right, keep reading!

Wall decals are straightforward to apply and just require a few basic steps.

  • Remove the paper backing from your nursery wall decoration and unroll it.
  • Place the wall decal on a flat surface, facing down.
  • Remove the top part of the sticker’s backing by peeling it away (larger wall decals have distinctive top sections)
  • Stick the decal’s top to the wall – the glue allows you to adjust it till you’re pleased with it.
  • Slowly peel away the remaining backing and flatten down the rest of the wall decal with the supplied squeegee, making sure there are no lumps or bubbles.

That concludes our discussion. It’s time to put your nursery wall decoration to use.

Wall decals for a Baby’s Nursery

When it comes to designing for newborns, wall stickers can instantly add charm to her nursery, and when it comes to design ideas, the world is your oyster.

Don’t restrict yourself to delicate pinks, mild greens, pastel yellows, and blues while decorating your newborn girl’s nursery. Both baby girls’ and baby boys’ rooms benefit from a variety of pastel colors. Allow yourself to be influenced by a wide range of color schemes of wall quotes!

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You might go traditional with fairytale elements or put a wall sticker with your baby’s name over his or her crib in terms of style. Do you want to try something new? You may also apply lion and tiger wall decals on a starry night sky. Another option is to use phrases from your favorite nursery rhymes as wall decals.

How to Safely Remove Galaxy Wall Decals Without Any Damage?

Wall stickers for a baby’s nursery are simple to remove. Simply follow these methods to remove your wall decals easily and without causing harm to your walls.

  • Pull the left edge of the wall decal slightly away from the wall; if it lifts easily, you should be able to peel it away slowly and carefully.
  • If the wall decal doesn’t peel away easily, use a hairdryer on a low setting to heat the area until it does. Then go to the next area and do it again.
  • To minimize wall damage, it’s preferable to remove a wall decal slowly and steadily.
  • Any remaining residue should be washed away with warm water and soap. That concludes our discussion.

How to Create a Custom Wall Decal For a Baby Room? 

Custom nursery wall decals may be made in any shape, color, or size. Here’s how to place an order:

  • Select the size and number of wall decals that you want.
  • Upload your work and make any comments you’d like.
  • Make a purchase and select a delivery date.
  • Within 4 hours, we’ll email you proof.
  • Review your proof or make any adjustments you’d want (it’s completely free!).
  • That’s it: you will get your personalized wall decals after you approve them.

Make Your Baby Nursery More Skeptical With Galaxy Wall Decals 

As of now, we can understand the need for the decoration of your baby’s nursery. Thus, the market is flooded with choices, especially when it comes to finding the best and most desirable decoration options. The galaxy wall decals are considered the appropriate option for the people looking for the desirable and budgeted wall decoration option. 

We at VWAQ display the finest product range for our customers in our bucket and ensure that they have an exceptional user experience. You can pluck from a wide assortment of wall decals, stickers, and customized products to make your baby wall alluring. To know better about our products, hop on to our website now!

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