12 Benefits Of Making Janam Kundli In Hindi

Janam kundli online

Mostly, Hindus believe in Janam kundli in Hindi. Not without reason, it is widely believed that the universe is governed by divine laws and that everything that happens in our lives happens for reasons that are generally beyond the understanding of ordinary mortals.

But the ancients, with their immeasurable wisdom, developed through persistent observation and study that cosmic bodies such as stars and planets have a powerful influence on people and their lives and that their careful analysis can tell us many things about the basic traits of individuals. In addition, they can also help to know people’s past and present, as well as delve into their future. So this study can guide people to know what destiny has in store for them. 

This carefully conducted analysis has evolved over the ages into the well-celebrated science known as astrology. This astrological system works mainly with the help of a powerful tool known as Kundli. It is nothing but Horoscope or Horoscope and it is also called Janam Patrika or Horoscope.

Janam Kundli In Hindi Structure

Simply put, a Kundli online is an astrological chart or chart that represents the placement of the celestial bodies such as the Sun, the Moon and the planets in it, as they are at a particular point in time, at a particular place. This time and place usually refer to the date, time, and place of the person’s birth. This chart also contains other astrological aspects related to this moment. So it is a map of celestial bodies above a specific place at a specific time, usually a person. Kundli is thus a karmic map unique to an individual.

The path or region that the planets move through space is call the zodiac. This zone has 12 divisions and these are known as zodiac signs or Rasis. The kundli is also divide into 12 sectors or ‘houses’ and these represent the celestial path the Sun takes over the course of a year. The 12 signs of the zodiac are place above these 12 houses. So these houses represent the 12 signs of the zodiac. And through them that the planets move at different speeds over time.

Astrological predictions are based only on the placement and movements of the planets in the Kundli chart as mentioned above. It can be very well seen that kundli drawing is a complex process that requires immense expertise. And hence it can be done only by those who are well-experience in the field of astrology.

Kundli Matching Is Necessary For Marriage

Benefits Of Making Janam Kundli In Hindi

The kundli can be say to contain the very plan of a person’s life and its events. This can provide accurate details covering all key aspects of life. Such as education, employment, marriage, the birth of children, financial situation, health, relationships, longevity etc. It can also point out significant events and also the time frame in which these events may take place.

Thus, Kundli’s study can provide insight into the good and bad that can happen to an individual. In this way, a person can find out in advance about the favourable time. That awaits him, plan well and try to make the best use of it. Similarly, it is also possible to draw attention to adverse weather and its possible effects in time, prepare for it. And take all measures to avert adverse effects to the greatest extent possible.


  • Kundali Matching also remains a powerful tool for deciding the suitability of a boy-girl union in marriage. A study of their Kundalis, done individually or together, can reveal their level of compatibility with each other as life partners. And this can serve as a guide in deciding their marriage union.
  • A person’s birth chart is create taking into account their date of birth, place of birth and time of birth. Based on this information, the astrologer can determine the astrological position of various planets in different Kundli houses at the time of birth.
  • These placements not only define a person’s personality but also help to understand the impact of different planets on different parts of your life like love, marriage, education, career and so on. The position of various planets in a person’s birth chart helps define his hobbies, traits, likes, dislikes, etc. Here are some benefits that a kundali reading can get you
  • Kundli does more for a person than just helping him understand his qualities. Kundali reading helps in identifying the various yogas and doshas in the birth chart and how they can affect a person favourably or negatively. For example, your Kundli can reveal the presence or absence of Manglik Dosha or Gajakesari Yoga.


  • The kundli pairing of a girl and a boy before marriage is a common ritual in Hinduism.
  • Getting a traditional or online Kundli can also be beneficial in this regard. In fact, apart from the Panchang, a person’s kundli is also use to determine the marriage muhurat.
  • A person’s horoscope shows the obstacles and opportunities that await him in the future. In short, it prepares you for the ups and downs of the future. 
  • The horoscope constantly informs you and enables you to make better decisions not only for yourself but also for your loved ones.
  • Most importantly, knowing how to read your birth chart can also help in pointing out preferred career choices for you. It decodes the type of work that will best suit your efforts and brain.
  • An individual’s kundli contains the reasons for specific difficulties in their life. For example, your kundli can reveal the causes and answers to various problems like delayed marriage, divorce, unemployment, etc.

Knowledge Of Compatibility Between Individuals

Only two people who are compatible can enter into a successful marriage. The compatibility status between two spouses can be determine using Kundli matching. Physical and mental compatibility of two people can be determine by Kundli matching. Both people’s horoscopes can reveal patterns of their behavior based on planetary alignment and positions. It can also reveal information about the two people getting marry, such as their attitude, abilities, thinking, interests, personality and so on. The 36 gunas that have been match can determine how compatible two people are and whether their marriage will be successful. Kundli match can also reveal how the relationship of potential life partners will develop and whether they will be able to adapt to each other.

Knowledge Of Compatibility For Children

Probability of birth and happiness and health of children are all factors that Kundli Matching can reveal. Nadi, the eighth Guna, carries the most points and can thus indicate the likelihood of having children or troubles that may arise near it. Kundli matching can also be used to assess the health status of the bride and groom-to-be. It also reflects the level of physical attraction between the potential couple and ensures that the bride and groom-to-be have the appropriate level of desirability.

Knowledge Of Financial Compatibility

The alignment and movements of the planets affect not only the life of a person, but also the lives of both when two people enter into the holy union of matrimony. The celestial bodies have an impact on all parts of the lives of these two individuals. This is why many use Kundli matching to assess the financial capabilities and stability of their potential life partners. Kundli matching predicts whether the couple’s marriage will be financially stable. Everyone wants a financially secure partner in life and Kundli matching can tell you whether or not your potential partner will be financially secure throughout life.

Janam Kundli online

The Janam Kundli online was the main apparatus of Indian astrology to guide the locals to their future. In this article we will try to understand the reason and significance of Janam Kundli. Various facilities are available online to create Free Kundli. Janam Kundli can be created for local use of data like time of birth, date of birth, place of birth and so on.There are innumerable explanations behind the making of Kundli. Some of the concerns of individuals can be listed as follows:


  • Finance
  • Children
  • Marriage
  • Well done
  • Love

How is Kundli made?

Each of us needs to know what will happen in the future. When you realize the future, you can buy a lottery ticket. You can put resources into menus that shoot up. Let. The Kundli is created by the planetary situations in the native’s hour of birth. Now the child is conceive, the positions of the stars, the Sun, the Moon and the planets are recorder. A numerical model is then used at this point to create a graph. The visionary chart includes 12 houses. Each house signifies a different part of the Kundli e.g.

  • First house: denotes “personality”.
  • Second house: denotes “happiness” and “family”
  • Third House: denotes “Siblings”, “Courage” and “Courage”.
  • Fourth house: denotes “mother” and “happiness”
  • Fifth House: denotes “children” and “knowledge”
  • Sixth House: Indicates “enemies”, “debts” and “diseases”
  • Seventh House: denotes “marriage” and “partnership”
  • Eighth House: denotes “longevity”
  • Ninth House: denotes “happiness”, “father”, and “religion”
  • Tenth house: indicates “career”.
  • Eleventh House: Indicates “Income and Profits”.
  • Twelfth House: Indicates “Expenses and Losses”.

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